New Final Fantasy Isn't Called 'Lightning Saga'

Square Enix is readying a new Final Fantasy game, which has been referred to as "Lightning Saga". It's probably going to be Final Fantasy XIII-3: SOMETHING SOMETHING, but as Yoshinori Kitase pointed out today on Twitter, "The title isn't Lightning Saga". Phew!

Rather, Square Enix will be unveiling the game's title at its upcoming Final Fantasy event. Just as long as there aren't stupid weather puns!

「ライトニングサーガ」はタイトル名ではありません [Twitter via AndrianSang]


    I sure hope this will be ACTUALLY GOOD.

      You sure like jumping on bandwagons, don't you?

      It won't be good... no... it will be GREAT! Just like FF13 and FF13-2 :D

    I still haven't finished FF13. I should really get on that.

    Don't see the point of another cash-in, mediocre FFXIII game. Especially when Versus XIII remains vapourware. Focus on Versus for the love of god Sqaure Enix!

      This. I like 13 and all but move on already. Reminds me of all the FF7 shit. But since 13 got bad ratings and all best just to make a mini movie or whatever and move on...I want Versus/KH3/Type-0 now.

    What game is the pic from? XIII or XIII-2? That costume is pretty rad

      So neither game I guess :P

    This is what I read...
    “The title isn’t Lightning Saga“.
    It’s probably going to be Final Fantasy XIII-3: SOMETHING SOMETHING,

    My conclusion... the title will be Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Saga

    FFXIII-3 Lightning Goes Shopping for Belts & Zippers.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I love how everyone is screaming stop FFXIII and start with FFXIII-Versus when we have no real evidence of whether it will be a good game a few clips here and there but nothing concrete everyone is just getting excited over hype self created hype at that.

    Enjoy what we have i cant wait till the weekend when we find out the name and maybe a little teaser of FFXIII-3 loving the previous 2.

      I'm with you Utopia. I'm absolutly hanging out for news about FF13-3. I'm still playing and enjoying FF13-2 and hope to have completed it 100% by the time FF13-3 comes out :)

    I'm just amazed at how good those clothes look (technically rather then aesthetically )

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