New Gameplay Footage Proves Dead Space 3 Is Pretty Damn Scary

Here's new gameplay footage for horror game Dead Space 3, which will be out February 5, EA announced today at Gamescom. Check it out!


    I saw three and a half minutes of scripted action sequence.

      Yeah, i wouldnt call that scary.....

        Maybe it's scary in the sense of "I am scared for the future of the video game industry"?

    Pretty Damn Scary; as in horribly bad scary?

    Notice how Isaacs movements have all been sped up, to mantain the interest of the kids with short attention spans.

    I am scared out of mind!!! Those red mine thingies were horrific!

    ...yeah that was pretty lame!

    Who wrote the headline for this article? How on earth does this footage PROVE Dead Space 3 is pretty damn scary? It's not that this footage was bad, it was interesting to watch; however I question your ability to write - no scratch that - comprehend, the English language with such a blatant mis-title of a page. "New Dead Space 3 footage" would have sufficed. It's quite funny when I think about it; that sensationalism amongst gamers is not appreciated.

    what they need to do is make the necromorphs pop out of unexpected places...

    DS 1 and 2 they come out of air vents that all look the same throughout the whole game.
    So before u push a button or pick something up, u can already plan for their attack

    Umm..sorry what is in the least bit 'scary' about that? It's no wonder they are churning out this crap with game journalists making statements like that.

    There is just one thing on the dead space whiteboard over at EA, "MORE LIKE UNCHARTED" and its underlined about 6 times.

    'Oh shiiiiit'
    Hey, thanks, I wasn't trying to enjoy the moment at all.

    New helmet looks like the one from Haze.

    Hopefully that isn't some kind of omen.... ;)

    call me a bitch but I loved dead space 1 and 2, but I haven't even finished 2 because I got too scared playing it- and I got it at launch.

    I feel less manly for admitting that.

    But I did force myself to pass dead space 1.

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