New Generation Of Wacky Nintendo Wii Peripherals Coming Soon

New Generation Of Wacky Nintendo Wii Peripherals Coming Soon

Without the Wii, human beings would not have invented the Wii bowling ball, the Wii steering wheel and other debatably useful pieces of plastic. With the Wii U comes mankind’s next great leap in this sort of thing, as proven by the new products revealed today by peripheral-maker Atomic Accessories.

Surely, it can’t get more ridiculous than this? Or did it already?

Some Wii U Accessories For Your Christmas Stocking [NintendoLife, via GoNintendo]


    • +1 HOTD Overkill somehow plays better with the gun peripherals, even though I found them a little front heavy after a while.

      • I’d usually hold them like a rifle and steady the end with my other hand. It made aiming a little more accurate too.

      • Agreed. That’s why I modded mine to store the remote’s batteries in the hilt, which actually balanced the weight out really nicely. Though even after all these years, I still haven’t gotten around to doing the second one for dual-wield mode.

        God damn I love that game. I should play it again.

    • Oh, and I’ll also add that yes the Wii Wheel is useless. It’s light, it’s small, it doesn’t seem to have any comfortable position to hold it. The only positive thing I can say about it is that keeping the window there to still use the IR pointer was a really good idea.

      Now has anyone else use the Ubiwheel? It’s a black three-piece wheel shell that was packed in with GT Pro Series and… another game called something like Monster Circuit 4×4. Both launch/super early Wii titles. I actually *really* like using that as a wheel. Never actually played GT Pro Series which I got it with (traded that towards Twilight Princess GCN :P), but I thought it was great for using with Excite Truck. The thing was actually quite hefty, and I found the added weight made for a much better feel when steering, I definitely performed better using that than the remote by itself.

  • Hate seeing our planets finite resources being wasted on these throw away cheap plastic toys, wrapped in plastic and cardboard, knowing that they’ll be used a few times and then discarded to sit in the ground long after we’re all dead.
    Have a good weekend.

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