New, Quality Footage Of The Curiosity Landing

I could make some attempt at linking this incredible footage of Curiosity's descent into Mars, I could remind you of the multiple video games that have been set on Mars, or I could ramble on about Mass Effect. But really, I'm posting this because it's incredible, and you should watch it. We're on Mars, people. We are on Mars.

What has consistently blown my mind about all the footage and photographs sent back from Curiosity is the sheer normality of it all. Mars looks like, and is, a real place. I guess it's years of CGI, or video game representations, but seeing it as a real thing, with proper footage is almost bewilderingly banal. That's what's so special about it.


Thanks Gizmodo!


    Perhaps just as mind-blowing is that we consider our machines to be "us." Just re-read your headline again. There aren't any people on Mars, just a nuclear powered car we built. How we project ourselves into our mechanical creations!

      "We've " been on Mars before, several times in fact.

        It's still a beautiful thing, but kind of funny how humans are so ... engaged with their machines.

      Something I'm sure they won't take kindly to when they achieve self awareness.

      Because "machines" are the next step of human evolution.

    Yeah, we could live there. Easy. Looks just like Coober Pedy.

      Only a thousand* times colder

      (* exaggeration)

    This is nice. THe higher quality footage allows us to get a greater understanding of scale in the footage. On the low quality thumbnails, 100meters high looked the same as 10 meters high...

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