New Steam Community Feature Shows Users Love Sex, Butts, Memes [NSFW]

When Valve sat down to design its new Steam Community system, it probably figured including the ability to share screenshots would lead to page after page of glorious vistas, hilarious missteps and dramatic explosions.

Nope. Turns out most people currently in the community beta just want to see sex. And butts. And Sonic memes.

The images in the gallery above are, at time of posting, some of (most of them are the) most popular screenshots on each of these respective game's community hubs.

Valve doesn't have a category in its monthly user surveys for "% of teenage virgin internet nerds". And now, it doesn't need one!

Most of these are fairly tame, but just in case you've got a particularly sensitive employer, I'll give these a half-assed NSFW warning.

[thanks Argh!]


    Still have not checked out what this community thing is. I now will.

    This is why we cannot have nice things

    I don't recognise half these games.

    Wgats the one just below the skyrim one?

      Looks like The Balad of Gay Tony

        Sure is, it's Luis boning which looks like Joni that works in Maisonette 9.

    Witcher 2
    Duke Nukem Forever
    GTA IV
    GTA Episodes from Liberty City
    Sonic Generations
    Hitman Sniper Challenge
    Batman Arkham City

    I'm pretty sure almost all males above a certain age are interested in sexy images, not just nerds, teenagers, or virgins. - although we don't all share them on social gaming sites.

      I think that's what he means; we can keep it to ourselves, the children have to post it all over the internet.

    Hahahah that Skyrim one is brilliant.
    Also, I wouldn't hold anything against screenshots of that Witcher 2 scene, it's a beautiful part of an already beautiful game, and as close to tasteful as 'look boobies in games' can get. I have multiple screenshots of the rose covered wall bathed in some excellent lighting in that very room.

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