NEWS: Everyone Likes Minecraft. Everyone.

Guys you will not believe this. People — a lot of people — like Minecraft. This world man. This crazy, crazy world. Daniel Kaplan, the business developer at Mojang has just announced that Minecraft of Xbox 360 has just passed 3.6 million sales. That is a big number folks.

What surprised me the most, however, is the fact that the 360 version has now sold roughly half of what the PC version has shifted. The PC version has sold 7 million, and I'm really, really surprised that the Xbox movie managed to shift so much, so quickly. I expected it to be more of a niche thing on consoles, but once again I'm wrong. Minecraft is mainstream. Super mainstream, and everyone loves it. Everyone.

Minecraft for XBLA reaches 3.6 million units sold [Joystiq]


    I kinda like Minecraft... I get the appeal, but I prefer something a bit more structured like Terraria, and I feel even that is pretty unfocused at times. I don't hate Minecraft, but I don't love it either.

      To be truthful, it's Minecraft + mods that people love. The popular mods either make pvp, or add tech trees and components to make mechanisms, giving you goals to work towards. I really don't think mobile/console MC is going to stay as successful as they are due to missing the mod ability.

        I think the majority of people don't mod. I know that may be surprising since you do and your friends do (and therefore everyone does, right?) but mods have an element of tinkering about them that is not appealing to most.

          Woah! Hold on there buddy. Your condescending tone is a little insulting to me, frankly, and I also happen to think that you are wrong. I don't really have numbers for minecraft, but lets look at another popular PC game. Skyrim has shipped 10 million units, 14% of those on the PC. That's roughly 1.4 million units on PC (source: According to SkyrimNexus, the most downloaded mod (SkyUI) has been downloaded 1.8 million times!!! (Source: This is insane. Taking in account for pirates, as well as people who have downloaded the mod multiple times, it would still mean that the overwhelming majority of Skyrim PC players prefer to mod their game.

          Again, I don't have numbers for minecraft, but this is the story with every major moddable PC game. One of the biggest highlights of being a PC gamer is being able to mod your game, and my sources and the numbers back me up - mods ARE appealing to most people.

          I've tried mods but I prefer vanilla Minecraft (with maybe some graphics/texture mods that make it prettier or run more smoothly.

          I tried Tekkit but got bored with it fairly quickly, I found I was more interested in keeping my machines running than building stuff.

          Maybe most people don't mod but almost everyone who plays it online plays with plugins. Right?

        Minecraft mods as far as I am concerned are things that make running a server easier. Other than that vanilla all the way for me.

        But a game that's sold almost four million copies doesn't need to stay successful, it is successful.

    Umm... I don't.

      and a *slow clap* for coming in to the article anyway. Without people like you we wouldn't get so many comments on niche articles like this

        To be fair, the title (and closing statement) is hyperbole. Comments to the contrary just remind the literalists that it isn't a factual statement.

    Not me, I hate it

    Not me! zzzzzzzzzzzzs

    Arent there over 4 billion people on the planet?

      Nearing 7b last I heard

    I've never really understood minecraft. I have it a go but had NFI what was going on. But a lot of people clearly like it, so mine on!

      I never cared enough to play it, but I agree if people like it they should play it.

        I love it, but I don't care that I love it, and I think if other people love it then they shouldn't play it.

    If Minecraft was made by Ubisoft, you can pretty much guarantee they'd be saying something along the lines of "PC sales would be higher if not for piracy"

      But we still know the higher-ups at Ubisoft are still thinking that and probably preparing a statement right now about it anyway right?

        They would word it to make it seem worse than it is "100 percent of our games called Minecraft have been pirated" Meaning at least one person has downloaded it.

    I've tried minecraft a couple of times but it didn't really pull me in. i LOVE me some terreria though.

      YES! Crafting in Terraria is so much easier and straight forward. Plus i think it looks nicer. Was disappointed to here they are no longer updating it (some time ago). Hopefully there are some die hard fans out there that can mod the crap out of it to make it worth going back to. Is it just me or do you go back and start again after a few days. That's the fun in it for me.

    I love it. Everyone else can go to hell.

    I got bored with Minecraft and now I wonder how and why I ever wasted so much time on it.

      one word. Mods

      Industrial Craft 2, Redpower, Buildcraft, forestry, better than wolves... search direwolf20 on youtube. some of the stuff is really awesome and it will pull you back in!

        Not my style of game, sorry. I prefer a definite endpoint and a nice plot.

          Have you tried books/films? All the endpoints and plot you desire, and none of the interactivity :P

    I played the game for about 3 hours. I thought that was being fair and giving it a really good go!
    I was bored as hell!

    I thought I was missing something, everyone was playing this thing and talking about it like it was the next huge thing.

    "You have to make your own fun!" My mate said excitedly.

    That was the sort of thing I remember my mum telling me as a child when I was bored.

    It seems to me that it requires way too much investment and not enough reward.
    But if millions of others seem to be loving this game, who am I to argue.

    It obviously wasn't meant for me.

    I don't love it.... I don't even like it.
    I totally don't see the point. I tried it once ages ago in Alpha and was not entertained.
    I also tried the mobile version on Android and thought the same...
    Maybe I haven't given it a good chance, But I I can say without a doubt that I would rather play every single one of my 104 steam games rather than Minecraft....

    To the "I don't like it" crowd - it's definitely a game where you have to make your own fun. Or, more accurately, it's best when you and a bunch of other people make your own fun.

    I found it boring playing by myself, but an absolute blast when you set up a persistent world with loads of people coming and going. Building things with other people, stumbling across the awesome things that they made while you were away, accidentally triggering lava flows that kill the lot of you, striking out together to see what adventure you can find. All with teamspeak. Loads of fun.

    Umm... "xbox movie"? Did I miss something?

    Regular Minecraft gets kinda boring fast, Tekkit is where it's at! Awesome MC mod, my mates running it on his server and we have so much more choice and stuff to do! Like for example we're running a nuclear reactor to power our furnaces & such, we have jetpacks for flying, mining lasers etc..

    Is there a mod to make the crafting easier? I find it kinda annoying that all I would be doing is looking up what I want to craft on the net and how to craft it. Is there something I am missing. I would love to play this game for longer than 10 minutes but I just don't know where to start.

      Well the mod we run (see above) Tekkit has a built in recipe book, it's rather handy.

      No need for tekkit, just search for the Crafting Table 3 mod. You right click on it and it shows you everything that can be made with the items you're holding.

    Bought it on Xbox and have hardly played it. I love the concept but should have known i would never find the time to really get into it properly. Oh well, don't really mind. It did and does deserve it's success.

    Article is false i hate minecraft

      That's because you're nobody.

    MC on 360 is a shade of its former self, terrible UI is way too big, cant even resize it.

    and crafting is abominable and takes all the fun out of the original.

    Bought it on 360 and want my money back

    Lets hope with all this money Mojang doesn't become greedy and bring the game down with them.

    I still wonder how many of the 360 players already owned the game on PC.

    I played this for a while, but could never get past the spider dungeon. Could someone spoil the rest of the plot for me?

    I don't. And I don't like Terraria either.

      Did you even read the title of the article? It says everyone likes it. Everyone includes you, you know.

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