Nintendo 3DS XL: Which Store Has The Best Australian Price?

The Nintendo 3DS XL — effectively a super-sized successor to the original 3DS — goes on sale in Australia this Thursday (August 23). The official list price is $249.95, but can you do better by shopping around?

A look around the major Australian retailers suggests you can score a few extra options with pre-orders, but there isn't massive price competition three days out from release. Here's what we found, ranked in rough order of value:

  • Big W is bundling the console with Super Monkey Ball 3D for $248.
  • Dick Smith has the console on its own for $239. For $249 you can get a bundle with either Rayman Origins or a remote-controlled Mario Kart miniature. Both deals are online only, and there's a $9.95 shipping charge.
  • Mwave has the console on its own for $245. Delivery is $11.50, but you can pick it up at the Sydney warehouse for free.
  • Target has a $259 bundle with two games: Rayman Origins plus your choice of Combat of the Giant Dinosaurs or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.
  • Games 101 has the console on its own for $242.95, but you have to pay $5.95 for postage, which brings it to $247.90. (The postage is flat-rate, so if you order other titles it works out cheaper.) You can also buy a 3DS XL bundled with Super Mario 3D Land for $288.95 (plus postage).
  • EB Games is charging $248 (you can pick up in store on the day). The price drops to $129 if you trade in an iPhone or iPad, but that's a frankly insane move; chances are you could sell either device yourself on eBay or Gumtree for more than $120.
  • JB Hi-Fi is charging $248 for the console (plus 99 cents for shipping if you order for delivery).

Spotted a better deal elsewhere? Tell us in the comments. (And yes, I realise that uber-enthusiasts will have already imported one.)


    Keep an eye on jb closer to launch

      Jb has them for $229 on its own

    Anyone know the terms and conditions for the iphone trade at EB? Does it have to be a recent model? After upgrading recently I have a spare 3G that I would gladly trade in.

      Weird. On their site there is nothing about the iPhone.

      Best to call and ask for a quote.

      Topic itself - Japan have the exclusive Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL. The 3DS is region locked, so unless you want it just for the sake of a collectors item, that console will never be touched.

      I already have a 3DS, so pending on trade-in prices and if I want to part ways with the Limited Edition Zelda 3DS console, I can wait for a price drop.

      Hey Nick,
      I recall seeing a poster at my local EB Games a month or two back where they were displaying trade-in value for the seperate iPhone models as I was looking at trading my 3GS also. I think the value for it was $88. It'd be worth calling them and see if the price drop applies to any iPhone. :)

      It might be a typo from Mark and ment to say 'iPod' not phone, because I know you can trade in 4th gen iPods touch's there.

        It's iPhones, I'm fairly sure it's any iPhone 4 but they do trade iPhone 3G's you don't get much for them

    Really surprised Big W, Kmart or Target aren't selling the system individually for $200. I managed to pick up a 3DS on relase for $300 (Big W) instead of rrp of $350.

    Why couldn't EB do a trade up for an original 3DS damnit

      I'm pretty sure they're accepting trade ins for the 3DS+$124, or something along those lines... I may consider it since I did pay $125 for my brand new 3DS a month ago at a Dick Smith closing down sale :p

      They are $129 when you trade in a 3ds or $40 off when you buy new super
      Mario bros or $99 when you trade in a 3ds and buy new super Mario bros

        The +$99 offer sounds pretty decent... But I'm ok with the original.

      Hey Glen,
      Prettt sure EB will knock some of the price off the XL if you trade in your 3DS, call up and check though! I myself am sticking with the regular sized one. :)

    If I were to upgrade, do my save games for the titles on the system (Ambassador, eshop titles etc) carry over?

    What about non-3DS titles (DS/the above mentioned stuff), I hear they are in some cases better looking?

    Deploying the Vook-Signal in 3....2....1.....

      There's a process for migrating all your saves and that across, but as I understand it it makes you redownload the games again..

      You can transfer these things but you need to have both consoles at once. American Gamestops let you leave your credit card or something as collateral while you transfer your profile. I haven't talked to an EB games about this though

    they are doing a trade in deal for the 3ds as well at the same price or $120

    No word on 3DS trade-in deals then? That's a bit unfortunate. I was hoping for a buy-now, trade-in-later type deal so I can do a system transfer at home before giving up my original 3DS.

    Also it might be worth checking Kmart's price when it comes out. They had the cheapest price for the original 3DS.

      You can do it through EB. You buy a new one outright transfer your saves and everything over. You go trade in your 3ds and bring in your reciept and ask them to refund the 3ds and sell it back out to you and the difference you get refunded. You'll want to check with the staff that it's alright to do that though.

    EB Games have a trade offer on original 3DS consoles, I've got the voucher sitting right in front of me -

    Reads "$99 when you trade your Nintendo 3DS Console offer ends 23/9/12 while stocks last. Limited 1 voucher per transaction" and the rest about terms and conditions etc.

    On the back side it reads " $40 off when you present this voucher at EB GAMES" same deal with the terms and conditions.

      Is there any other way to get one of these EB Games $99 trade-in vouchers other than buying NSMB2 from them? I already picked up NSMB2 from Target…

        I just ripped one off the shelf at the EBgames in my town, they were open to anyone who walked past from what I saw. . .

          Interesting - I went into EB at Firle in Adelaide today and they wouldn't hand one over unless I bought NSMB2. Wonder if there's any other stores in Adelaide who have them on the counter free for the taking...

    Isn't the Target one online only too? If not I'll happily pay the extra $20 for two games. One being released recently-ish I think.

    Forgot to include pics of the voucher!

    $99 3DS trade in
    $40 when you present this voucher at EB Games

      where did you get the voucher mate? :)

    i asked them at eb games how much trade in i would get on my normal 3ds, i would save $80, no way i could sell it for more

    Target deal is online only and they charge $9.00 delivery.
    To migrate your data you will need a wifi point so any trade in
    deal will require a nice manger to allow you to sync everything
    while in store using their access point.

    JB hifi are actually selling it for $229 on its own, or $248 bundled with Super Monkey ball and an accessories pack.

    Is the original 3DS going to have a price drop?

    I'm also going to trade in my original 3DS. It would be nice to know even a "round-about" trade-in price.

    10% Big W staff discount weekend coming up. Hell yeah!!

      Hell yeah indeed! Thanks for the heads up, co-worker!

    Was an early adopter so got the 20-game swag that I was entitled to with my early adopter certificate. And I actually want to keep those games.

    What everyone is still confusing me over is whether I can transfer those games over to the 3DS XL. Some people are saying "save files only", others are saying "everything". Anyone got a happy definitive answer? :)

      I'm positive that doing a system transfer pretty much copies EVERYTHING linked to your account; that is all StreetPass data, save files, shop purchases, etc. I've done a transfer from console to console but being a non-ambassador, I have no guarantees. Good luck!

    I have US 3DS (from travelling) so pretty tempted to pick this up. Although I guess that means all my games are useless. I have to say this thing is pretty cheap!

      Yeah it's a bit of pain that they bought in region locking. It's the reason I am yet to upgrade from DSLite. My wife is Canadian and we have spent a fair amount of time living in Asia, as well as here, so the region free was a big issue for me.

      That said we are a little more settled and I really want one of these.

    JB Hifi website is now saying $229 for the standalone console:

    Also, Target is NOT limited to online or pre-orders. They have the bundles advertised from 23rd August til 12th September:

    Hey guys,
    The price has been updated on the JB website

    JB Hi-Fi is now $229

      thats closer to my interest... i imagine kmart or someone would price match that too (got some gift cards to spend hehe)

      Tell JB to knock off another $30 and I'm there.

    Wish GAME was still around. Something tells me they would have had a killer bundle..

      Yeah, wallet killer bundle. Jk

      and thats why they arent....

    Hey does anyone know if you have to have both 3DSes in the same place at the same time to do a system transfer?

    I'm keen to trade my 3DS for the XL but not if it means sacrificing my profile/save games/store content..

      You do, it needs an online connection to start. Then you're all good.

    If you trade in your old 3DS at EB Games you can buy the 3DS XL for $99!
    apparently they are throwing in a charger aswell :D

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