Nintendo Wants To Celebrate Kirby's Birthday With Chewing Gum

Kirby's 20th birthday is this year, and Nintendo plans to observe it with a stunt at PAX Prime on Sept. 1. They're trying to get more than 304 people together in the same place to collectively blow chewing-gum bubbles, which would set a Guinness World Record.

Given how solicitous Guinness is of video game companies and establishing records for them to claim, it's amusing to me that Nintendo's going to this kind of effort. Surely they could have invented some other standard already easily surpassed by the 20-year-old puffy pink ... ball of ... whatever. Anyway, good luck and godspeed, Kirby and your fans.


    Hey Nintendo, was just wondering if you were planning on celebrating my birthday? I know it's a little late, but it'd be nice to be appreciated and..... err, guys? Where'd you go?

      Kirby just sucks harder..

      ONO I DINT!

    Nintendo's Anniversary checklist:

    Mario: "Port an unchanged SNES Super Mario All Stars cart to a Wii disc at a normal Wii price instead of Virtual Console pricing."
    Zelda: "FUCK ZELDA!"
    Metroid: "FUCK METROID!"
    Kirby: "Where's a crowd of suckers to earn us free publicity and a free paycheck from Wrigley's?"

      Zelda's 25th anniversary was celebrated by the 3DS release of Ocarina of Time & a limited edition Zelda-styled 3DS console.

        Also a:
        world wide concert tour
        Hyrule Historia
        Skyward Sword
        Zelda competitions
        ... Zelda's Awesome.

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