No, This Isn't A Photo From An Upcoming Tomb Raider Movie

The best cosplay images rare involve someone with a nice costume, or someone who can act the part, or even nice photos. It's usually the result of all three things combined, something this amazing shot certainly manages.

Photographer Balázs Sármai and model Csenge Huszár, with make-up and effects assistance from Karolina Neszteli and Dániel Hámori, are to thank for this shot, which I bet Eidos were wishing was official PR material for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, not simply the work of some fans.

It's just one of many brilliant shots we're featuring in this evening's Fancy Pants, your weekly round-up of some of the best in cosplay.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on the "expand" icon on the main image above and select "open in new tab".

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

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      HAHAHA, bet you're reffering to Cammy? I thought the same thing!

    I was watching John Carter this weekend and I kept thinking that Taylor Kitsch would make a great John Marston in a RDR film.

      Maybe but he's around 20 years too young. Was thinking Gerard Butler myself.

    My elbow strength grows!

    Why do I have the suspicion that those involved with the photo shoot have probably never played any of those games, ever?

      because if they had they would have been reading these forums about the pics instead of taking them themselves :)

    Loved em all, though I don't think Motoko Kusanagi had a white outfit. Kinda bugs me but it's still awesome nonetheless.

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