No, Your Scissors Probably Can’t Run Crysis 3 Either

No, Your Scissors Probably Can’t Run Crysis 3 Either

Julius Perdana has built a replica model of a Crysis nanosuit that manages to look better than a professional, factory-made action figure.

Which is remarkable, given Perdana’s is made out of paper.

Yes, believe it or not, this is papercraft. Originally designed to coincide with the release of Crysis 2, he’s now produced an updated model based on Crysis 3, one that copies the pose from the game’s box art.

In case you think he’s making this all up – or, for the especially crazy, if you want to try making one yourself – you can find step-by-step instructions on how to make one below.

Nanosuit 2.0 Standing Pose – Crysis Paper Model [Paper Replika, via technabob]



  • Downloading the pdf and might give this a go. If I can make it he will stand next to my other figurine (the one mentioned in the 1st paragraph) who is currently standing triumphantly on a small outcrop of rocks above my bar holding one of those miniature wiskey bottles you get in hotel bar fridges. It is his precious.

  • Very nice but he must have a loooooooot of time on his hands. I can barley get four hours of xbox in a week with my 2 month old son about the house now o.O

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