Not Every MMO Has To Make You Get 10x Stupid Animal Tails

This is Forge. Pencil me in as mildly interested, if only because it's promising to be an online game that brings some of the baggage of an MMO - like progressive stats and a string of special abilities - while leaving much of the boring stuff behind.

Pitched as a game that's all about player vs player combat, and one that rewards players for their skill in combat rather than the amount of time they've spent numbly clicking on things, it looks rather lovely for something that's still barely in Alpha.

What I like most, though, is the developer's promise that all of this comes designed in a way that lets you play by yourself, without having to team up alongside anyone else. Because, you know, while I like to party with many, I prefer to game alone. Even in games whose genre begins with the words "massively multiplayer".

Forge is due out later this year.

Forge [Official Site, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Except they already have 6 months of paid DLC planned out.


      These people think they should be payed for their work??? what a outrageous idea, capitalists!!!

    Anyone remember Fury by Auran Games? Anyone remember how badly that bombed?

      I was thinking the same thing... Not that I'm a huge fan of MMO's, but of the few I have played I generally enjoy the varied gameplay and I believe that's the biggest appeal. It's great to have PVP as an option, and I enjoy PVP as much as anyone, but if I wanted only PVP I'd rather play some Street Fighter or a FPS, not an MMO. I think that's why a PVP only MMO is going to fail.

    this looks terrible.

    No animal tails? Not worth playing. Pffff.

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