Now Even Papo & Yo Has A Live Action Trailer!

I've been tracking the process of Papo & Yo for a while now (despite the fact that I constantly spell it Papa & Yo by mistake). It's eking pretty close to release now (August 14 on PSN) so I guess that means its time for the Live-Action trailer, right? Yep, despite the fact that, for the most part, only super expensive 'AAA' games receive that kind of treatment, Papo & Yo has a trailer with plenty of live action sequences. It's pretty good.

Of course, you're going to have to excuse the fact that a 14-15 year old boy has a man in is mid 20s for a Father — but if you can get past that, this trailer seems like a pretty good representation of what the game is.

Pretty excited for this one.


    I'm really glad Sony are supporting these art house-esque games, the're a breath of fresh air in a market almost dominated by AAA titles. This and the Unfinished Swan have me really excited for the immediate future.

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