Now This Looks Like The Perfect Game Of Thrones...Game

Like Kirk, I'm a fiend for the Game of Thrones board game. The treachery, the balance, it's one of the best tabletop experiences I've ever had. Still, there's always room for improvement!

The pieces, for example, are a little bland. My crew has fixed that by purchasing a ton of the Battles of Westeros miniatures. The map, too, is a little strange, a little too simple for a game so epic, so rustic. That particular issue is fixed gloriously here by Fay Helfer, who crafted this custom Westeros board (and box) out of wood.

Ostensibly for a game of Risk, there's no reason it couldn't be further customised to work for the big game. And once it was, well, about the only way it could get more authentic is if some mad lady in a red dress tried to make a baby with you on top of it.

Game of Thrones [Fay Helfer]


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