NVIDIA's Most Powerful Graphics Technology Just Got Much More Affordable

When NVIDIA debuted video cards featuring its powerful Kepler architecture earlier this year, PC gamers around the world stood up and cheered. Then they got quiet when they realised their only options were the $US500+ GTX 680 card or the GTX 690, packing dual-Kepler graphics processing units for around $US1000.

PC players drooled over these pricey pieces of hardware. Many bit the bullet and bought one or two or three of each. Still others patiently waited for a more affordable option. Well, their wait is over now. The GeForce GTX 660 Ti is now available for an incredibly reasonable $US299.

That relatively modest amount of cash will secure gamers a card featuring all the bells and whistles that make the Kepler tech so damn impressive. It's power efficient, its lightning fast. and it's fully capable of doing amazing things to a game like The Secret World, which utilises the card's TXAA anti-aliasing process to smooth jagged edges to CGI-film quality.

The GeForce GTX 660 Ti is NVIDIA's new flagship graphics card, the one the company expects will become the standard for years to come, offering nearly twice the power of 2010's GTX 470 and 3.3 times that of 2008's GTX 260, both of which are still in heavy rotation in PC gaming circles.

To illustrate this point, NVIDIA taps on of the most eagerly-anticipated PC games of the year, Borderlands 2.

If a simple FPS comparison chart featuring Borderlands 2 is enough to send you shopping, get this — purchasing the GTX 660 Ti from NVIDIA's online retail partners will score buyers a free copy of the game, giving them something shiny to show off their brand new video card with.

The specs aren't as impressive as its more expensive big brothers, of course, but it's more than enough to generate a chart that compares it favourably to the AMD Radeon HD7870.

As well as the Radeon HD7950, a card slightly above its pay grade.

But these are just slides from a PowerPoint presentation. If you want a true measure of the GTX 660 Ti, slap one in your machine. They should be available all over the damn place today.


    Wow you guys advertise for Nvidia now??

      It's a new card coming out, this is a gaming website, video cards are used for PC gaming.. Who cares if they're being sponsored by Nvidia, it's nice to see stuff about cards before their release.

      Can't decide if you are butthurt console gamer or a AND/ATI fanboy.

        A little from column A a little from column B...

          LOL! I have an Intel/Nvidia sorry to disappoint though you sound like the fanboy here simply accepting what is posted before the graphs doesn't even have proper data entries...

            As I understand it, Nvidia are a popular company and have a website on the internet, which contains information about their products.

      I'm a fan of ATI... but the gaming industry isn't.
      I have dual 6950's (crossfire) and I have to play Borderlands on my laptop as it runs so badly on ATI.
      Borderlands 2 is going to be another nvidia game, as again they've optimised the hell out of it to run on nvidia cards, and that always makes ATI's run poorly.

    No mention of the GTX 670? Probably the most well recieved card this gen? : /
    Also from an Australian perspective, unless the prices on the 660 Ti level out nicely over the next few weeks, a 670 is likely the better better bet right now for us, they're both sitting around the $400 mark if you shop around. (Assuming you're interested mainly in performance, the 660 is a damn quiet efficient card)

      Factory-overclocked 670s are nearly equivalent to a 680, around $100 more than a 660 and about $200 less than a 680, so I'd definitely agree that they're the best value for money still.

    Was looking at a 660, but i have a 550 and it just isnt that big of an improvement for the price.

    Still rocking a GTX 580, won't be changing anytime soon.
    And how is a card that's less powerful considered flagship exactly :S

      I'm rocking a GTX 480, i will be changing when the price of the GTX 680 drops...
      or they release the GTX 780.

    But is it better than my 8800? Bigger numbers are better... Right?

    If I was doing a build currently, that is what I would go for. Its just in the sweet spot of power vs price.

    Maybe if they were $299 in Australia they would be good value, but at nearly $400 you may as well get a 670

      True, I just got a 670 for $480 and it's quite impressive, I doubt a 660 will be worth it with an AUD price difference of less than $100

    Amazon are shipping these to Australia for better than local prices :)

    Looking forward to replacing my 8800GT :)

    Interesting, but would like to see more comparison specs. Would like to see where it sits compared with my 670OC. Thanks tiny to my mate Liam for showing me this website.

    Im lucky to own a GTX690, although i kinda wish i went for GTX680SLI.

      The GTX690 is just hardware pornography now when 2 660ti's in sli have 90% the performance at half the cost.

    Nice, but I'll probably just pay a bit more and get a 670.

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