Off Topic: Post Your Favourite GIF Of All Time

I don't know what it is about GIFs, but man, I love them. I will watch hypnotised. I will laugh. I will post them on Twitter. GIFs make the internet world go around people. Let's post some of our favourites!

I realise we don't have the ability to post the GIFs directly — but chuck up the link on the comment and let's get this thing kicking.

Here are a few of mine...

Now you!


      LOL. From an appearance on Australias most wanted I presume?

      I don't even have to click on this!

        the beginning of that reminds me of this meme face:

        finally, the perfect example of spiderpman! xD

      That one is just begging for a reverse at the end so that it loops.

    I'll just leave this here:

      Oh dear... One animated gif in and I'm already trying desperately not to LOL in the office. Going to have to wait till I get home to look at what gets posted, methinks.

    I have two.

    For times when something awesome happens:

    For times when something terrible happens:

    This always makes me laugh.

      This, however, I find to be the most useful:


      It just made my day too. Lost it. Thankyou!

    Greatest gifs for game of throne fans

    Like this Steam/Origin one, there is a better version of it but can't find it atm.

    creepy jack > all :p

    Man.. all these hosting sites are blocked at work :( The Gizmodo ones aren't though.. maybe they can update the post with the best ones and host them locally?

      Don't try to look at them at work anyway unless you want to embarrass yourself. Stifling laughter doesn't work, and the effect just snowballs. So I'm saving this page till I get home :)

    Not sure if its been posted as yet, but if you've played QWOP you'll like this.....

      Funny Junk is an awful horrible website. Do not ever support those thieving litigating bastards....

        I simply googled "QWOP gif" and it as the first one I found, it certainly is an awfully horrible website in terms of layout alone ;)

        Wasn't aware of any of the content stealing issues between it and other sites though, its the first time I'd come across it.

    I've had thise one saved on my desktop for years waiting for an apropos moment to post it.

    This kills me everytime


      reminds me of this

    This is the best off topic ever. Thanks for the laugh everyone.

    One that i like,

    I always thought this old one was pretty good

      I wish there was sound. I can almost hear the blood-curdling scream.

    -turns the creeper factor up to 11-

    My new favourite GIF

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