Olympic Gymnast Uses Zelda Medley During Performance

Olympic Gymnast Uses Zelda Medley During Performance

Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas did her Olympic qualification routine to an arrangement of music from The Legend of Zelda. Specifically, an arrangement by violinist Lindsey Sterling.

For reference, here’s Sterling’s arrangement:

Sadly, the judges did not recognise Blancas’s prowess at taking Zelda medleys from YouTube stars: she ranked 35th in the event.

Elsa Garcia Rutina Legend of Zelda [YouTube via ZeldaUniversethanks Adrian!]


  • Hah, I was just talking about this on Twitter and TAY the other day. It really surprised me when I was watching it live. Just sitting there thinking “hang on… this sounds familiar” until the realisation 😛

    ps. There’s a better quality video of the performance on the US Kotaku article (Wonder why it’s not the same here?)

  • Let’s just hope the IOC doesn’t come kicking in Kotaku’s door for hosting footage of the games. Without a license, that can be … well… “Stronger, faster, higher, lawyers” seems to be their motto of late.

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