On Your Knees, I Want You To Beg For This Sephiroth Cosplay

For Final Fantasy bad guys, they don't get any more popular than Sephiroth. Look at that hair! That sword! Sephiroth will never be just a memory.

After making his iconic appearance in 1997's Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth became a fan favourite — and even started popping up in other FF titles as well as non-Final Fantasy games, such as Kingdom Hearts.

And since Sephiroth is a fan favourite, that means there's endless Sephiroth cosplay. Here is a sample of some (not all) of the standouts. But who pulled off the best Sephiroth? Which one is the chosen one? The one chosen to rule this cosplaying planet?

For more on Sephiroth, check out the character's wikia.

Top photo: NanjoKoji/crystalcosfx/Askarothdeliran





























    The girl in the first one is my favourite, but that's just my opinion


      The girl reminds me of Quistis more than Sephiroth, but I agree she's pretty damn fine :)

    The Crystalcosfx one is gorgeous. However the Aruki/Drefano one is the best because he's the scariest in a kind of Tom Hardy's Bane sort of way. Chunky, and the Sephiroth I wouldn't want to mess with.

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