Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Now Japan Only. Sorry!

Players outside of Japan have been enjoying online role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2. Those days are over. The game is now Japan only.

Sega updated its terms of usage today, dropping this bombshell for PS02 players outside Japan: "Connecting to the game server through the installed software is restricted to domestically located computer terminals. It's prohibited to directly connect to the server from outside Japan as well as to route a connection from outside the country through domestic computer terminals."

Until now, it was possible to log in to Phantasy Star Online 2 from outside the country. It's unclear why Sega decided to restrict this.

Last month, Phantasy Star Online 2 was hacked and non-playable characters were moved about as some sort of prank. The hackers were allegedly non-Japanese players.

利用規約改定のお知らせ [PSO2]


    In the brief 3 hours that I played, every person I conversed with was Chinese.
    If they're planning to use advertising to generate revenue, they might have difficulty if the advertisers know that there's a large foreign population who are unlikely to ever buy their products.

    Or maybe it's just good ol' xenophobia. In any case, it's a bummer.

      how would you know if it was chinese or japanese? They use the same characters, things are just pronounced differently.

        Because they told me, and because I'm OK at Japanese (that's why I started playing the game) and have recently started studying Chinese as well.

        You can tell, it's pretty obvious. Kanji are the same but chinese sentences are a lot shorter and have no kana.

        "They use the same characters, things are just pronounced differently."

        Yeah, just like how English and French uses the same characters, just pronounced differently. How can anyone ever hope to tell them apart. Sacré bleu!

    Japan is desperate to get itself out of the doldrums, and sega pulls this.

    Yeah, they said that in the closed beta as well, I'm updating now so we'll see if its enforced.

      So I logged in and all was fine, so I'd say they're not really enforcing the rule... yet.
      But then again, maybe they're only monitoring the ships with the larger English communities like 2 and 10

    nice going Sega, some of us spent cash money on this...

    IMHO at the moment it sounds more like a "safety clause" more than anything else. ie. if they want to bump everyone off when global servers start or they come across those bots they have an excuse to "kick" you from the server and game itself

    I'm fairly sure there's been a fair few foreign players testing out the open Beta and some would have also paid some cash. That last thing SEGA may want is to completely wipe out that part of the gaming population... at least not until they can get them to move to a global server.

    That being said a move to global would make me a sad monkey =( I find most betas based on Asia have decent latency for obvious reasons. Once games go "global" and the server goes to US/EU I find my speed taking a bit of a dive =(

    I just went back to the news story Kotaku has about the PSO2 Hackings when they first occured, and wouldn't you know, near the very top of the comment I made a comment about this very thing happening, and now due to what I would assume to be the stupidity of some selfish English players, we have now all been effectively banned. Well thanks a lot guys. . .

    Talk about misinformation, only server 8 is affected. You can still access the game on other servers for now.......

      LOL, I think you misread something buddy. Any 8 mentioned is in reference to the ToS, not a ship number.
      If you look up a few comments you can see me confirming that I can still connect and play, and I am on ship 8. If they were specifically targeting a ship they would most likely target 2 or 10, where the english communities are.

    When they say routing through a domestic machine, does that include streaming from a domestic machine connected to the game? That way, the machine in Japan is connected to the game, and you are merely using the machine, not routing your connection through it. Basically, could you do what OnLive does to get around it?

    ok google came to the rescue, for those who don't know.
    Please remove this post if it is against the rules. Thank you.

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