Platinum Games And Kojima Productions Clash All The Time Over Metal Gear Rising

When two teams with very specific gameplay objectives combine their powers, you might expect a tug of war between opposing ideals. Such is the case with the collaboration between Kojima Productions and Platinum Games on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

In an interview with Edge, Yuji Korekado, a programmer at Kojima Productions, admitted the two teams often clash on issues, but the resulting conversation usually results in a clear, successful path of action.

"Platinum Games is a studio that's very similar to Kojima Productions in that they have a very specific belief towards their game creating," said Korekado. "They have things that they don't want to change, that they really believe in. At Kojima Productions we have the same strong feelings toward creating a better game.

"But because we are similar, when there are things that we want changed, we clash all the time. We always clash. We have to discuss."

At one point, the game's writer, Etsu Tamari, was locked in a room for three days with Platinum Games' Director Kenji Saito in an attempt to create a strong cohesive vision.

"In the end, the motivation of both studios is to make a better product," said Korekado. "When we collide, we can usually see what is good and what is bad in each other's ideas. And it helps us make something better."

From what I've seen and played of the game so far, it looks like, in spite of these clashes, both teams are working together to create something pretty special.

Metal Gear Rising: KojiPro and Platinum "clash all the time" [Edge]


    "At Kojima Productions we have the same strong feelings toward creating a better game."

    That just fills me with confidence.

    I want to like, I really do, I'm trying to stay on the positive, open minded side of the hype.

    I'm imagining these clashes to be somewhat like the battle scene in Anchor Man.

    please kojima, don't get in platinums way...

      Are you serious? The only good thing Platinum's ever done was one incarnation of Bayonetta.

        Viewtiful joe is awesome
        Okami was brilliant
        God hand was great
        Mad World was good, if a bit repetitive
        Bayonetta was awesome
        Vanquish was awesome
        Anarchy Reigns is awesome
        project p-100 looks like its gonna be good
        revengance looks great

        i'm sorry, i forgot that platinum have no good games but bayonetta....

        i just don't want kojima productions to go and mess with what platinum does best.

          Viewtiful Joe is one of the most memorable and brilliant games I have ever played.

          I've never played a Metal Gear game though, so I'm not super hyped for this.

            Viewtiful Joe was overrated.
            Okami was ok
            God Hand was rougher than granite toilet paper and about as much fun
            Mad World, as you said, was fun for half an hour.
            Vanquish was great but over in half an hour.

            Kojima Productions to mess with what Platinum does best? i'm sorry, i forgot that platinum created the metal gear series.

            i just don't want platinum to go and turn what to me is the most venerated game series ever created into a brainless button masher.

              mate, this is metal gear rising, not solid, get hype for ground zero.

              i for one like the idea that this will be an action game, it suits raiden more.

              what platinum does best is create great action games, i agree they wouldn't make a good metal gear SOLID game, but as i mentioned before, this isn't solid, and it shouldn't be considered anything like those games. if kojima productions start making them change things gameplay wise, then i really have worries. however i really don't care about the story, kojima can add all of the hairless monkeys with leather diapers and egg making all he wants into it.

              however, it's apparent your blinding hate for platinum because they are making this game and kojima isn't is obvious, so i'm not gonna try and convince you. how about we let the game decide? believe me, platinum wont make it a mindless button masher, none of there games have been. so have a little faith my friend.

                just to add (i swear i'm out after this) but if kojima productions made an action game it would have been terrible. before it was revengeance, the demo's only showed the cutting technology, no actual gameplay, i'm sure it was clunky as hell. compare it to now where platinum have taken the technology and used it too it's fullest, and brought in their free flowing crazyness that the do best in action games.

    I'd love to see a Raiden-centric Kojima Productions game... Revengance? I'd rather not even watch any more trailers... ugh.

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