PlayStation Plus Members Will Get Counterstrike: Global Offensive's Demo Downloaded Auto-Magically Overnight

Itchy trigger fingers everywhere are waiting to unleash all-new kinds of carnage when Counterstrike: Global Offensive hits on August 21st. But if your trigger finger is attached to a PS3 owner, there's a good chance that you'll be amongst the first players to get online with Valve's new shooter.

Over on the PlayStation community boards, an alert's gone out that PlayStation Plus Members can have the demo automatically downloaded to their consoles on the night of 08/20, if their settings are set correctly. The demo is a 60-minute trial of the game that players can then purchase in full if they like what they see.

PLUS MEMBERS - CounterStrike Demo Automatically Overnight [PlayStation]


    what sort of sadistic punishment is this?!

    Playstation Plus just gets better - there's a discount attached to it as well, for PS+ pre-orders.
    I can't wait til I can get this, demo or no demo.

      I hope you've got a US PSN account... as from the comments posted on we may not be getting this next week! It doesn't even currently appear on their release schedule!

        Heres the link:

          Dammit ... at least it's not an absolute "No, it's got a month's delay" response. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    a demo? are there actually people that didn't get into the beta? I'm sure even my mum got a code just from donating blood to Red Cross.

      thats a great way to get people to give blood, get access to the beta of a game you want

    Sweet just after I complained about us psn+ something good comes yey

    Cant see it on the PSN store yet. Wassgoingon?

    Can't find this on the Australian psn store? What gives?
    I've already had it on PC for a long time but I want to buy it on console as well.

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