Pointless Twitter Feud Breaks Out Between Sega And Sonic Roleplayers

Are you role-playing a Sonic the Hedgehog character — even an extremely minor one — on Twitter? You better tell everyone your account isn't official, otherwise Sega is going to call you out, and turn your colleagues on you, requiring a lot of double-parenthetical out-of-character tweets. And nobody wants that.

The most insane foofaraw involving Sega's official Twitter and ordinary fans boiled up this afternoon when a guy pretending to be Jet the Hawk — that's right, the character who debuted in the 2006 hoverboard-racing spinoff Sonic Riders — endorsed a strange concept for the forthcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. To wit:

"I would like to suggest Jet riding a bathtub of spaghetti and meat balls accompanied by a mozzarella stick would give players that extra edge they're craving from your games." (illustrated above)

The guy role-playing Jet on Twitter tweeted that to Sega's official account. Rather than laugh it off, it's time to play the Feud!

Jet's reply. Double parentheticals mean the writer is responding out-of-character.

Sega digs in:

And then it's on. Zector the Zone Cop, a character even more insignificant than Jet, pings Sega.

Perhaps realising the position to which they've staked themselves, Sega replies thusly, to a presumably adult person pretending to be a Sonic the Hedgehog character that has existed only within an Archie Comic book.

Other fans and cosplayers notice the slapfight, and chime in.

Now Tails is upset and wants the bickering to stop.

Meantime, Jet is doing battle with the The Blue Blur himself — though this guy is careful to flag his Twitter account with the (RP) tag that Sega asked for. He accuses Jet of listing his Twitter with the blue checkmark that signifies an official account.

Jet replies:

Sonic then backs off:

Jet extracts an apology from Sonic:

Sega tries to extricate itself with this:

But the coda to this needless psychodrama is supplied by @HipsterMordecai, who reminds everyone that Sega complains about what Nintendon't.


    Considering how weirdly sexual Sonic RPers seem to get it I'm sort of surprised SEGA is only asking them to make sure to put an unofficial or RP tag on their account.

    What is it with Sonic and attracting this cesspool of a demographic?

    Does anyone here think Sega is even slightly in the wrong?

      Does anyone else here think that shit should fall sqaurely into the category of 'shit nobody cares about'?

      OH NOES! its a twitter account. Surely these retards have better things to worry about.


    You know, nobody should acknowledge that those people exist. We'll probably get a decent Sonic game if SEGA does.

    Google image search " the hedgehog"

    You can thank me later.

    Overreaction on everybody's part. Sega probably didn't NEED to ask the RPers mark themselves as unofficial, but it's a totally reasonable request I think, especially given the sexual content a lot of RPs tend to wander into, and they were extremely polite about it as well. Yet RPers reacted as though they were asked to take down their accounts or were being censored or something. What's so horrible about adding an unofficial tag somewhere?

    Ah Twiter. This right here is a prime example of why I have never and will never open a account. Some call other sites the asshole of the internet but the utter crap that goes down on Twiter on a daily basis is astounding.

    I see nothing wrong with Sega's actions. They weren't threatening or bullying. They just made a perfectly reasonable requested that someone tag their unofficial twitter account as unofficial.

    It might be obvious to most people that the account is RP but it's silly to assume most means everyone.

    They asked nicely, which I think is a big step up from the old days.

    I was involved in Sonic fandom back in the 1990's (and let's please not judge the fandom as a whole by its weirdest, creepiest elements) and Sega actually put out a statement claiming that it owned all fan-created characters appearing in Sonic fan fiction. Obviously not how copyright actually works, and a pretty tone-deaf way to treat your fans.

    This, by comparison? They said "please" and "thank you"; it was a request, not a demand. Sure seems like Sega's being reasonable and the fans aren't, in this case.

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