'PS Vita Is An Utter Flop.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "PS Vita is an utter flop." — Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about Sony's losses with their games business.

QUOTE | "The Old Republic was sold as a story; very soon, it will have to double as a shop." — Matthew Handrahan, staff writer for GamesIndustry International, talking with other journalists about Star Wars: The Old Republic's risky transition to free-to-play.

STAT | 214.8 per cent — Amount that Namco Bandai's profits increased for the quarter that ended June 30th versus the same quarter last year; Namco Bandai made a profit of $US130 million on sales of $US1.39 billion in sales.

QUOTE | "We have significant concerns that Call of Duty may have peaked in 2011." — Ben Schachter, analyst with Macquarie Securities, talking along with other analysts about the likelihood that the new Call of Duty will sell less than last year's.

QUOTE | "Until games are photorealistic, it'll be very hard to open up to new genres." — Christoph Hartmann, head of 2K Games, talking about why we need better graphics to do more than action and shooter games.

QUOTE | "The skill sets are very similar to a game like StarCraft II or League of Legends." — Playhem co-founder Keith Swan, talking about online poker and how it should be brought into the e-sports world.

QUOTE | "If you don't keep experimenting you are dead." — Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King.com, talking about the need to keep innovating with game designs.

QUOTE | "The industry itself is undefeatable." — Seamus Blackley, co-creator of the Xbox, talking about how the gaming industry is the greatest industry out there.

STAT | 100 million — Number of times the hit game Temple Run has been downloaded, according to developer Imangi Studios; 68 million downloads have been on iOS and 32 million on Android.

QUOTE | "EA made it clear that they don't consider the Wii U a hot product for the holidays." — Steve Peterson, West Coast Editor for GamesIndustry International, talking about Electronic Arts' comments about the Wii U when questioned by analysts.

STAT | $US45 million — Amount of money that Sony's games division lost in the quarter ended June 30th on revenues of $US1.49 billion; Sony's sales were down 10 per cent over last year, when they made a profit of about $US50 million.

QUOTE | "There are no credible studies that show any causal linkage between games and violence." — Michael A. Stackpole, best-selling author and game designer, talking about the media and their reports trying to connect games and the Aurora shootings.

STAT | 50 million — Number of monthly players that Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks that Star Wars: The Old Republic could attract once it goes free-to-play.

QUOTE | "Nintendo has still managed to shift over 19 million 3DS systems worldwide in 16 months. What Sony would give to be in a similar position with Vita this time next year." — Johnny Minkley, veteran games writer, talking about the challenges for Nintendo's 3DS.

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    Since when is the Vita an utter flop? It was only released 6 months ago... and sold 1.8 million units in its first month (3 months if you include Japan)... how is that a bad thing? As with any new console; the games ARE coming... man how soon people forget; AAA games arent made overnight. They'll be saying exactly the same thing when Xbox 720 arrives or Wii U or the next PlayStation.

      Well to be fair you made no mention of cost, growth and sales. These are pretty important things to consider when you start to talk about success. Success isn't measured by the gamers' POV.

        To be fair, citing a games journalist as justification for a system 'flopping' is even less important.

    Tbh its doing better for games than the PS3. Gravity Rush is awesome, and although Uncharted is kinda meh compared to 2 and 3, it is still good. It also has some inteesting ports and the entire PSN at its disposal.

    Also: we all know Call of Duty really peaked in 2007.

    Weren't we hearing the same thing last year in regards to the 3DS??? How the 3DS was a flop and was dead in the water? Just look at the 3DS now that is has that key word, GAMES.

    That is really all the Vita needs...it's needs something to kick start it and get people to buy it (especially in Japan).

    Give it a Monster Hunter and lets see how sales look after...give it something that the Japanese gaming public want to play and then let's see how it fares.

    Give it games and the system will do well enough...that's the Vita's biggest problem...there is yet to be that one game to spark audiences attention...hell give it a Yakuza game. Yakuza is big in Japan, surely that might help spark some interest.

    Anyways skip to the end...give it time, give it some games and the thing just might sell...

    With all that said, I still think the system, software wise, is in about the same place that the 3DS was last year.

    Anyways, I own a Vita and don't regret it personally...I'm looking forward to games like Persona 4 Golden, Assassins Creed 3 Liberation, Call of Duty Black Ops...and the BIG one, Littlebigplanet Vita (that BETA was really awesome and showed just why LBP is perfect for the Vita)

      I want a vita... there are atleast 10 games that are out/ will be out shortly that i want, so i consider that enough to no call the vita a flop :P (i admit that i think it needs a price dropp though)

      Games alone aren't what saved the 3DS, the massive price drop helped a *lot*.

        The price drop helped...but the games were also enticing now weren't they

        Hell when the price drop was announced, I remember reading from sites like these that it was "Nintendo admitting failure" or "Nintendo doing a firesale"

        Then the games started coming and everyone changed their tune.

        The buisness is not about hardware, it's always been about games. If you don't have the games then why buy the hardware in the first place?

        Give the Vita one "Must Have" game and it will turn around. It might not overtake the 3DS, but it would sell at least. Look at Persona 4 Gold when it released in Japan, granted it didn't do Pokemon numbers but the sales did go up for a brief week. Give the public more of that Sony and surely people might just want to buy your system.

        Anyways, I don't think you can call it a flop just yet. There are games coming. Let's see how it's doing at the end of the year. If Sony drop the ball at TGS and announce nothing of interest for the system, combined with it still selling poorly come Christmas, then maybe people have the rights to call it a flop.

        If the forecast for the next year looks bleak (as in no games really being announced for it)...then I would call it a flop. But untill TGS and Gamescom, I don't think we can call it a flop just yet.

      The 3DS *was* a flop and very much was dead in the water. Then Nintendo did the smart thing and chopped a hundred dollars off the price tag. I bought one, so did kajillions of other people. This is proveable by its sudden boost in sales numbers in the last twelve months. Vita at this point, is a flop unfortunately, going by how Sony projected it would be in its first year. Does that mean its failed? No. That's different. It's merely underpeforming. It most definitely CAN come back from where it currently is. Sony just needs to do a price cut. It's a wonderful machine, easily the best out of the two, if Sony would drop a hundred off the price tag I would instantly buy one for my son and I, but at the current price? I'll stick to the 3DS for our mobile gaming...

    Vita is a flop, & I say that as an owner of one. Ive just finished metal gear 3 on mine & I have no use for it anymore. The games just arent doing it me. And the analogue sticks just suck, bugger all range & not comfortable at all. Ive been playing Mario 3D Land on a friends 3DS & its great fun! Im yet to experience that on Vita....
    So (for me anyway), its done. Sexy screen though!

      Okay. . . I just want to say this because this has urked me: Just because you own the console in question does not neccessarily mean you are suddenly the end point as to whether or not the console is a success or not. Your experience with said console alone does not mean your opinions are worth more than anyone else.

      Hell I own both handhelds, I use my Vita regularly and enjoy playing it, I look forward to the games that will be coming out on it in the near future. Therefore my opinion of the Vita is it is a success. My 3DS on the other hand gathers dust, I only time I use it is to bring it to the radio show I do, to give my co-host (who is a Nintendo fan) the belief that I use it. Other than that it sits there gathering dust, unused. I dislike the 3D effect on the handheld because it hurts my eyes after short periods of time. Therefore in my opinion the 3DS is a failure.

      But these are just my opinions, the sales figures for both consoles are more telling, and would no doubt tell me that at least one of my opinion's are wrong. As most people have said in the comments of this article already, people were saying the same thing about the 3DS at the same point in it's lifespan. Sony knows the Vita is lacking something and against what all the doomsayers seem to love saying Sony are working on fixing that, a exclusive Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed game go along way in building trust in the still fledgling console. People just need to stop digging the Vita's grave already. . .

        Well put. I hope the Vita doesn't fail but I think it will. I didn't buy either the 3ds or vita at launch. I did not buy the 3ds because of the inevitable revision. I didn't buy a Vita because I thought it would fail. Sony just kept saying the same tired lines that were not backed up by the games line up. The final straw was a proprietary memory stick AGAIN.

    wanna buy a 2nd one then? Going cheap! Lol

      Nah, One's enough for me. . . wanna buy another 3DS?

      I'm getting the XL in misguided hope that the larger screen will make the 3D effect more bearable.

        Sounds like you and I have completely different tastes! Lol but that's sweet, different strokes. But I gotta say that if a Kingdom Hearts or Ratchet & Clank game were announced for vita, i'd most definetly change my tune!

          I can see both of those titles seeing a release at some point, I'd wager R&C first though considering it's a first party title.

          All the Vita needs now are games people want to play, there's one or two good ones at the moment but the rest are mostly forgettable. If Capcom were to release a Monster Hunter title on it the Vita would sell like mad in Japan (I'd bet Capcom would be working on a new entry in the Monster Hunter Freedom series, since the series basically came into being on the PSP, that and Nintendo have Monster Hunter 4 locked down as a 3DS exclusive)

          All that matters to me at the moment however is the release of Phantasy Star Online 2 for the VIta, The announcement of that game alone for the system made me no longer regret buying the Vita. If Sega were to make the game F2P like the PC version that would be enough, I would assume people would buy Vita's just as portable PSO2 machines

    Have to say, we got Temple Run on my SGS2 and the iPad. Great game, absolutely fantastic. Recently got Agent Dash on the iPad, the Temple Run followup, it's even better :D

    I think Sony have a lot to answer for with regard to support for their sales products in release stage.

    In addition they dont rank up there on the list with the worlds best in regards to developer support either. The PS3 was one of the harder consoles to develop for - yes, ill admit that the directx packages contribute to that. But where Microsoft were very forward and accomodating with developers (big and small) in regards to SDK support and knowledge bases, Sony werent. They didnt suck, it was just harder to develop for.

    They have done such a dismal job with the vita. No psx support still, a terrible range of games (that are all just remakes of existing games), Where are the iphone style cheap games on the store, mini's arent nearly as good. It seems like it's been set-up to fail from the beginning. I love the system itself, but come on.

    The reason I think it's flopping is because of the low support it's getting from Sony. I have literally maybe only seen ONE commercial of it on youtube while surfing randomly when it came out. It feels kind of like Sony wants it to fail or something they obviously had enough money to make a stupid game show but if they can't/aren't promoting their own device while it is sinking means something along the lines of "we got to the point were we don't care about this anymore".
    I don't own a vita I own a 3ds but I (like many others) see the difference between the 2 devices.
    For one the vita for some feels like an accessory to the ps3 (now i don't mean it like a case or a tablet, but if i had the psv i would feel like it's not whole without a ps3).
    The lack of promoting it is also a very big reason why it's flopping (but i said that before) when the 3ds was announced MANY people thought it was a ds with new features but it's actually a whole new thing in itself but because of the way it was advertised people realized that it was a new handheld-console. The wii U on the other hand was advertised in the dumbest way possible the way it was announced at e3 was that it was a controller and looked cool, so many people thought it was an accessory to the wii that makes it have high graphics(wow people), overtime though they kind of managed to get the point across about how it's a NEW SYSTEM. The PSV to many looks like a psp with more buttons, it's pretty clear how it is actually a new system but it did look like a psp with more buttons which made it unwanted, now it just needs more commercials.
    Another reason why it's flopping is because the games, yes the games. There at least 5 times i said i wanted a psv but ended up changing my mind because i realized it's not worth it to get a new system without being guaranteed lots of new games coming out that i would enjoy. (my first video game that i owned was a gameboy advance, i played n64 when i was really young like 3) My first BUY in my life when i was about 7 or 8 was a ps2 for about 80$, i got Ratchet and Clank for it because i just LOVED those games, then i got KH1 for my birthday and i LOOOVED it! It was a new experience for me because i never played an rpg from enix. When i was 10(or 11) i got a psp and i was thrilled except... my ds got about 60x more attention because the games on it were just more fun and exciting. I'm guessing the psv will unfortunately be the same with the games genres being very limited. Also very few of the games use the vita's features in a good way for the gameplay (like the camera, gyroscope, back touch pad/thing)

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