PS Vita Rip-Off Appears At China's Biggest Gaming Expo

Even though the actual PS Vita was at the recent China Joy gaming convention in Shanghai, a Vita inspired copy was there too.

From iReadyGo, the Much 3G is an Android-powered handheld that sure looks like the PS Vita (though, it seems to be missing rear-touch and proper analogue sticks).

Tech company iReadyGo even had its own Much 3G booth at China Joy, showing off its handheld for all to see, with unabashed promotions and booth companions. The whole thing seemed like it was all a bit, well, much.

MUCH摩奇3G掌机首秀ChinaJoy 高调亮相引围观 [21CN] 摩奇3G掌机 [Zol] MUCH3G [Sgame]


    Ain't gonna lie, I kinda want one for novelties sake.

    Wonder if the rip off version actually releases games for it.

      lol good one

      This man is clever!^^

    The bigger picture is the fact that China builds the majority of the worlds electronics, but are not allowed to use them themselves... Imagine what it must feel like, to be building actual PS Vitas by day, but only legally be able to own one of these pieces of shit!

    Well depending on the cpu and analog controls this could be amazing for n64 roms.

    nice but im waiting for them to hack the ps vita so i can play old video games on it and newer games like that new assains creed game

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