QWOP Creator Gives Players A New, Awkward Unicorn Quest

From the creators of QWOP, you can now gallop as a horse in an awkward dance between the K, H and J, L keys.

Somehow, it's actually easier than QWOP.

CLOP [Foddy]


    Aha! So this is the link between video games and violent behaviour.

    Got 3/4 of the way on my 5th try!!!! Yet on QWOP Im yet to get 14 meters O_o

    It appears that dragging the horses hind legs actives "lame horse mode" and it stops counting you're distance >

      EDIT: i used the wrong "your"

        yeh, I unlock'd lame horse mode too. I can beat QWOP but I can't quite get the hang of CLOP...yet

    Man I'm finding this easier than QWOP. At least on this I can get a short distance. On QWOP half the time I end up going slightly backwards :P

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