Raiden Added To PlayStation All-Stars -- Also, Why Not Sign Up For The Beta?

Yeah, pretty sure everyone sort of expected that Raiden would be part of the PlayStation All-Stars line up. In fact, when Sony started talking up the fact that third party characters would be involved, a samurai sword wielding Raiden was the first character I thought of. On its own, this might not be massive news — but it's timed perfectly with the fact Sony are now accepting application for the PlayStation All-Stars beta.

The beta takes place from September 11 to September 18, and you can apply here.

Plenty have cried foul over the PlayStation All-Stars game's very existence, citing plagiarism of Super Smash Bros. It's a fair call, but at the same time, I really enjoyed the time I spent with the game. Despite its many (many) similarities, PlayStation All-Stars has a few points of difference, and it's just a lot of fun in general.

As for Raiden's inclusion, well it looks as though he plays exactly as you might expect him too — with the sword slashing and the juggling and what not.

Thanks Joystiq!


    I was excited until I realised it was the wrong Raiden

      In a game called "Playstation All-Stars" what other Raiden would it be?

        The only other one I know of is Mortal Kombat

          There is also a Fatal Fury "Raiden" as well - who, coincidentally, was the reason the MD/SNES versions of Mortal Kombat were forced to spell the name as "Rayden"

        Isn't that MGS game a 360 exclusive?

          If you mean Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (I still feel dirty just typing that sad joke of a name) then no, it's multiplatform. In any case, Raiden was in MGS2 (PS2) and the cyborg version of him was in MGS4 (PS3).

        The one from MK isn't a Playstation character. The one from Fatal Fury isn't a Playstation character. I was wondering which other Raiden character Zac could have been thinking of for a game called "Playstation All-Stars".

      I too became infinitely upset that it was the wrong Raiden.
      I would've been happier if i got a bunch of jets in top-down view allowing me to hyper mash my shoot button.

    The sword sounds are horrible... I don't know why that stuck out at me so much.


      Also crash bandicoot, spyro, sephiroth, lara croft, snake and I'm sure I'm forgeting a few epics as well.

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