Recreate Neil Armstrong's Landing On The Moon In This Tough Video Game

Neil Armstrong, first human to set foot on extraterrestrial soil, died today at age 82. His name figured tangentially in the continuities of some science fiction games — the Armstrong Nebula in Mass Effect was a notable tribute (two other nebulae also were named for early space explorers in that game.) Moon landings have been featured much more prominently in video games since their earliest days.

One web game, made two years ago for the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, recreates the white-knuckle conclusion to the descent of Eagle, the lunar module Armstrong piloted during Apollo 11's landing phase. As is well known, the vessel's navigation computer was steering Eagle toward large boulders and a crater. Armstrong took manual control and landed Eagle safely, with very little fuel to spare.'s Apollo 11 Moon Lander lets you take control of Eagle at the moment Armstrong did, and attempt to land it softly and safely. You will need the Google Earth plugin.

It is difficult. Don't expect to do it right the first time. Armstrong did, of course, and for it, his name will be remembered for the rest of human history.

Apollo 11 Moon Lander [PlanetInAction]


    Why do I need google earth when it's the moon?

      Because the Moon is a sound stage in Florida. D'uh.

        There are no STARS DAMMIT! NO STARS!!!

    I installed the Google Uranus plug in and my computer sh@t itself.

      that made me lol big time

    He was a dab hand with the controls, since he'd drilled relentlessly in simulations of the lunar landing. NASA wasn't going to just send him up there with that possibility lurking and not make him freaking good at it. Training and natural skill took over and he was marvelous. But that was Neil Armstrong, after all.

    WHere is the dame START BUTTON??!!!
    yours sincelly catwoman

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