Report: Assassin’s Creed III Will Have 60 Minutes Of Exclusive Content On PS3

Report: Assassin’s Creed III Will Have 60 Minutes Of Exclusive Content On PS3

At the Sony Press Conference at E3 I seem to remember Ubisoft mentioning something about exclusive Assassin’s Creed III exclusive content for the PlayStation 3 — but I fully expected it to be like, a golden Tomahawk or something ridiculous. But if new box art from Amazon is to be believed, it looks as though PS3 owners will be privvy to an extra 60 minutes of gameplay content.

It could be something as simple as a couple of extra missions, but we don’t expect it to be anything important in the grand scheme of the game itself. That said, I’m not really a fan of this kind of thing. I like the idea of a piece of art being a more fixed static thing — not something that gets messed around with pre-order bonuses and platform exclusive content.

When was the last time you got an extra 10 minutes of a movie because you watched it at Event Cinemas instead of Reading.

Alright, that analogy doesn’t really stand up, but point being — I’m not a massive fan of these kinds of shenanigans. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some sort of timed exclusive.

Assassin’s Creed 3 gets 60 mins PS3 exclusive content [OPM]


  • I hate that this happens, but so long as it isn’t important content I’m not too bothered by it. Brotherhood had extra PS3 content right? That stuff wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things as far as I know.
    Now, the exclusive multiplayer betas, on the other hand…

    • From memory Brotherhood had few exclusive Copernicus missions, and they were fairly ordinary as far as missions go. Go to point X, kill a few guards that turn up, protect this person etc.

      If you didn’t play them you didn’t miss out on anything.

      • This…

        It’s a completely shitty practice, but there was nothing really gained from the previous bonus content, expect the same again.

  • I’ve got to agree, this exclusivity thing does nothing but cheapen the games. To make it feel like bonus content there’s generally a big disconnect between the bonus missions and the main story (so the other people don’t feel like they’re missing out on something too important) and they’re generally weaker for it.

    Didn’t Assassins Creed Brotherhood do the same thing with the Copernicus missions?

  • Movies are doing something similar. There is sometimes exclusive trailers for movies/cinemas or with dark knight/rises you get to see the opening only at IMAX 6 months before the movie opens.

    • I guess that feels more like a preorder bonus but still.

      ACR PS3 version had the same thing but it was a forgettable mission. I will just youtube the mission and play on my 360

    • And also in brotherhood they had the da vinci dissapearance but on xbox 360 that was a few hundred microsoft points.

  • “When was the last time you got an extra 10 minutes of a movie ”

    Transformers : The Dark Of The Moon IMAX

    Had a couple of scenes only shown in IMAX cinemas.

  • What I think people don’t realise, this extra 60 minutes will be the system and game patches required to play.

  • I’m getting this on PS3 and I’m disappointed by this. I can accept console-exclusives like Infamous and Uncharted, but offering the same game to both platforms with more/less content is offensive, especially to players who have pre-ordered the game already.

  • In most previous instances, its added absolutely nothing to the overall experience, can’t see how this will be any different.

  • This is a shockingly bad trend that I see 360 playing at as well (timed exclusive dlc). This business practice does nothing for the consumer and I see it getting worse and worse. I was a fan of the Soul Calibur idea, that you can have different exclusive characters for each console. This gave differentiation but didn’t take anything away for the consumers.

  • This game has amazing amounts of pre-release extra content. Multiple versions of the game from multiple retailers each with different add-on missions, and then this (which sounds a lot more significant than Brotherhood’s exclusive content).

    They’ve fractured the content so heavily that it’s hard to know which platform and SKU is the best one to buy. And you just know there’ll be a ‘game of the year’ version a bit later with all that DLC rolled together… 🙁

  • Even though I own a PS3 and therefore do not miss out, I can’t stand this sort of thing. Why even bother? What could they possibly stand to gain from this?

  • Don’t know why there’s such a big fuss about it. It sounds exactly like the Copernicus missions on Brotherhood on PS3. They were fairly ordinary missions and you didn’t miss out on anything if you had a 360.

    • Look at it this way.

      If you have a 360 you are missing out on content.

      If you have a PS3 you are getting content that does nothing for the storyline and from all accounts, is pretty shit/bland.

  • Regardless of whether the exclusive content is any good or not, if both the XBOX 360 version and the PS3 version are priced the same, this is one of the worst things i have ever seen in the gaming industry thus far.

    It’s not like DLC where you have a choice to buy or not to buy, this is both PS3 and XBOX360 versions will cost the same and the 360 version will have less content and no you don’t have a option to buy the extra content.

    Ill wait for the GOTY edition on this one and perhaps buy only a second hand copy.

  • the ps3 can keep its exclusive content, im hoping they delay ac3 on pc so we can (once again) get the dlc for FREE!

    • Ahhh, PC. Where the answer to: “We’re sorry. The content you are trying to access is not available in your region,” is: “Dammit. I guess I have to go and get it for free instead. Oh well.”

      Kinda ironic that an industry supposedly at the bleeding edge of technology can be led by folks who are so far out of touch.

  • as a someone who has purchased every bit of dlc for all the ACs on day one every time, this stinks a bit.

    I’ll wait for the GOTY edition, though unfortunately I’ve prepurchased.

    I guess I am part of the problem therefore :/

  • Well this is good news to me because I’ve been playing all AC games on the PS3, the PSP (yes even though Bloodlines wasn’t good I just played it for the story) and hopefully the PS Vita so Playstation is my #1 choice for Assassin’s Creed.
    Haters gonna hate about this but I don’t care.

  • This used to happen all the time for 360, it always got extra stuff while PS3 missed out. Now it’s the other way around, I love it

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