Report: BioWare Honcho Leaving Star Wars: Old Republic Studio, Probably Regrets This Tattoo

Tattoos are forever! Well, sorta. Gigs at game companies? Less so. BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has apparently left BioWare Austin, the studio behind the beleaguered MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

According to Zeschuk's LinkedIn page, he lists his BioWare Austin position as "past", seeming to indicate that he has left the post.

The move seems to have been a long while coming. EA says that Zeschuk planned back in May to return to his family in Edmonton "for a much deserved vacation". Fair enough! Apparently, his successor, former Major League Gaming GEO Matt Bromberg, was also picked to run BioWare Austin at this time.

"Greg is still with EA. He's now back in Canada, taking time off and thinking about new projects," added EA (via Eurogamer). New projects, huh? Wonder if he's thinking about removing or covering up that Old Republic tattoo...

"Greg is still with EA. He's now back in Canada, taking time off and thinking about new projects," added EA (via Eurogamer). New projects, huh?

Greg Zeschuk [LinkedIn]

Verlassen Zeschuk&Muzyka Bioware? EA: "Auszeit & Nein" [GamersGlobal]

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk quits Old Republic dev BioWare Austin - report [Eurogamer]

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    Asscraft quoting the same statement twice. Where do these fools get their qualifications?

      Haha oh wow what a hack.

    The Fuck?
    This is game journalism?


    For those interested, over on the BW forums they've been locking any topics talking about this and telling people it's false. Of course they could be lying, but if they are it wouldn't look good for the company when the truth comes out.

    Here's one of the locked posts:

    A poster in that thread has also linked to another thread where BioWare also denys these rumours.

    from what i have read, he is moving back to the Bioware Edmonton studio and that this is a move he had planned for a while.

    I love how journalism now seems to involve a lot more hearsay than actual fact finding and reports from articles written by other people seem to make up the body of a lot of the article.

    On that note, so the tattoo only symbolises a game and not Star wars huh? Damn, the tattoo i have of the Horde symbol i have on my shoulder must be bad considering i started playing alliance before i quit playing WoW all together, i feel like a real goose now. The reason i got it had nothing to do with the fact i own every novel and non WoW warcfraft game. Yep that fella must feel real stupid for having a Star Wars symbol on his arm because he must not like star wars anymore.

      Yeah, I don't really get the tattoo angle on this article. Just because he's not currently employed by BioWare and working on the game, doesn't mean he should suddenly come to regret the memories that first made him get the tattoo.

    Tattoos are great ways to remember great moments in your life. You should never regret getting one.

    to everybody else..... its called photos and memories, not things that fade and get you discriminated against. Memories is just an excuse.

    I say this while having them. All mine we're earned out of blood and to everyone who looks at them they either think wow your alternative, or wow your an idiot that got ink.

    Kind of feel bad for the guy.. Oh well, that's what you get for signing with EA.

    Thankfully there was a big circle and an arrow pointing out the tattoo, otherwise I would have missed it, what with the guy lifting up his sleeve to reveal the massive tattoo.

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