Report: GameStop Is One Of The Worst Places To Work In America

Using data from online employment portal Glassdoor, business site 24/7 Wall St has compiled a list of what they claim are the worst places to work in the United States.

Everybody's favourite specialist retailer GameStop managed to make the cut, finishing in tenth place. Why? The chief reasons cited from current and former employees include a push to prioritise sales over customer service, and the resulting HI PREORDER THIS NOW culture which places "customers at a disadvantage".

Glassdoor's data also points to a high turnover rate amongst staff, which is never a good sign of a happy workforce.

As awful as GameStop's service can be, I've always got sympathy for them. In a previous life, I was employed at EB Games (owned by GameStop, and the same in everything but name) here in Australia, and was there during the transition from "wear t-shirts to work and play your own music" to "harass customers for preorders, play a pre-recorded soundtrack and throw good customer service out the window".

It was...not fun. And that was years ago. Going by the bullshit I'm subjected to now simply walking in the door, I imagine in 2012 it's a lot worse.

America's Worst Companies to Work For [24/7 Wall Street]


    EB Games is annoying. Everytime I buy a game because it's on sale or not available online or whatever, when they're looking for the disc they're like "So, what games are you looking forward to this year?", and no matter what I answer it's either "Well, you'd like this game. If you pre-order it here you get a free multiplayer skin. Only costs $50 more than OzGameShop. It's a bargain!".

    Drives me nuts.

    The worst Customer Service company in Australia I reckon is Centre Com I've seen the staff before just ask for the next customer whenever someone is in line for an enquiry unless you are spending they want nothing to do with you or maybe that's just my local store.

    I got one of those orange cards just so they would STOP ASKING ME....agian again its the same thing

    looking forward to any games?
    what about this game?

    *sob* stop! please leave me aloooone! I already pre-ordered *sob*

      Hahaha YES! I got the orange card just to shut them up on the 3 times a year I actually shop there.

        in my case it makes sense since I buy my games mainly from EB...I can just never be bothered with that kind of thing

      If you have to buy from EB, buy online and get them to ship it to your local store. So all you're doing is picking it up.

      I'm going to name and shame this store because this was the worst experience I've ever had in my life in regards to pushy salesmen.
      MaCarthur Square EB Games. I went in to try and trade some games for a copy of the latest Blazbue, I found it and wanted to leave pretty quickly. the manager of the store kept me there for ten minutes trying to get me to preorder.

      He would literally not stop telling me to pre order games I did not want and every time I told him iI wasn't interested he kept going at it. Eventually had a line forming behind me because this guy would just not stop until I finally pre-ordered a bloody copy of Tekken Tag whatever.

      The worst part is this guy is notorious for it apparently and since I had never seen him before Ididn't know what I was in for.
      Now I just avoid game shops in general and buy whatever I need off Steam which has low prices and no goddamn pushy salesmen. Avoid that shop if at all possible if the manager is there, make sure to find out off a employee or something if you MUST go into that place

    I always avoided GAME stores purely because of the high pressure sales pitches and not being left alone for 5 minutes. If I want help ill ask. Otherwise, just leave me alone to think and browse.

      I never had this experience with my local GAME or EB as other have said above they had the same issues.

        I always liked GAME over EB. EB was always so stuffy, white shirt and tie, they didn't seem happy at all
        sad to see GAME go down but with their prices it was a matter of sooner rather than later
        It makes me worry about my local independent gameshop GAMESMEN penshurst, who else would build a museum dedicated to retro gaming?

    Worked there for 7 years.

    I've seen some shit.....

    I don't know about you guys, but i find EB's customer service up here in Darwin great!

      Eb service in Darwin is fucking terrible mate, they keep games out the back and won't sell them on release date, 3/4 of the staff don't know shit about games and they stand behind the counter looking at their feet waiting for people to bring shit to the counter...

    I'm sure everyone here saw it but in case you didn't, there was a pretty neat series of videos floating around a couple of years back from "Whistleblower Zero", done in the Zero Punctuation style by a guy who used to work at gamestop. He was detailling in full how much it sucked to work there and how badly they're ripping off customers, mostly because the bulk of their customers aren't clued in enough to shop elsewhere.

    The official versions of the videos got pulled (originally posted on because apparently Themis Media felt they were infringing too hard on their Zero Punctuation trademark, but there's reposts on youtube if you know what you're looking for.

      Just watched them all, this sort of Bullshit that this guy endured is not all unlike what it is like working for a Telstra Licensed Store (Ask any Telstra store whether they are a TSN or a TLS - I would put money on it that the TLS staff hate their jobs).

      Excellent insight into the inner working of Gamestop though!

    Honestly, the times I've been to EB, the customer service has actually been pretty good. Never hassle me about pre-orders, and open to casual friendly talk. Never had a problem with them.

      I dont like to hate on store people..they are just doing their job

      and even if they do ask me a million times it is comapany policy..not their fault

        thankfully there are some people such as yourself around. I work in woolies, I have my company policy to follow and if I don't I get a formal talking to. I will do my best to remember you and not pester you with questions that I already know the answer to, especially if you are a regular but people must understand that every retail outlet has quirks and policies which are designed for many reasons, and often, but not always, to generate additional income.
        If you don't want what is being offered, decline and we the staff are thankful to move on, chances are none of the staff really enjoy asking to sell you game guarantees, candies, pre-orders etc but it is something they "have" to do in accordance with their bosses and their bosses bosses wishes.
        Also it is not "my" policy either so getting short with me for asking will only serve to aggravate you when we ignore you and us when we realise that we have been on shift for 20 minutes and people are already giving grief to us for something that we cannot do much about, I say much because while we "could" simply not adhere to policy, there are certain risks associated with it, getting fired, having no income, living in a gutter etc.
        Best one I had was a lady came to me at smoke counter once and got gruff because I wouldn't open the cupboards because it was illegal etc. Her response to my saying as much was "Oh it's alright, you can do it" -_-

    My Favourite is always

    "Do you to purchase disc insurance?"

    When I bought Diablo 3 with a gift card :|

      The dude that served you failed at his job in a huge way considering the fact they don't do game guaranties on PC games. I was a manager for EB for a couple of years. The balance between store KPI expectations and yknow...providing a decent customer experience was a difficult one to manage at times.

    Simple, just say "ive already pre-ordered that game" (watever it may be) & dont make eye contact!

    I currently work at Ebgames and I honestly believe its a great place to work. The only downfall can be the slow parts of the year where there is little to do. I know EBgames gets a lot of negative attention but I think that the actions of some bad employees shouldn't reflect the company as a whole. Yes I ask every customer for scratch protection because I know how crap it can be going to play a game and it being scratched to hell and how frustrating that is. Yes I ask customers for pre-orders because I'm excited for the games coming
    out and the bonus content they get even though half the time it's useless crap. And yes I ask customers if they have an EB world card, it genuinely makes our job easier for trade ins, returns and sometimes pre-orders. Also everyone seems to forget that just because they read up on upcoming games most of our target customers don't and by having an EB world card they get news on upcoming stuff. And we do actually have some good deals, this month we've got a 2 for $44 sale and I'm tempted to get Anno 2070 and Civ5. I know that we don't have the best prices, of course we can't match import online prices but not all of us are the devil.

      Just leave us alone, bro. I haven't had a game not work due to a scratched disc for 15 years.

        Just because you never scratch your games doesn't mean no one else does. We don't have a record of every customer who does or doesn't scratch there games.


      Ah, the joys of not having being *bleeped* in the *bleep* by EB Games. I remember when I was a very happy, satisfied, and content EB employee. Enjoy it while it lasts.

        I was going to say precisely this; my assumption is the same, he's probably only been there for either just under a year, or just over.

          What exactly happened? What should I be watching for?

            The guilt they use to put in extra time is the main concern. "We might need you to come in for a meeting, shouldn't take too long." Or the, "We'll be getting the team in for the sale set up, I'll order pizza and we can make a night of it."

            The expectation that even though they pay you until 5:30pm, you'll stay until 6:00pm (unpaid) closing up the store and feel GOOD about it.

              Sam you said it perfectly. 30minutes of unpaid extra time per shift was a minimum. It all starts out like a fun place but as the months pass your begin to realise what a soul destroying and money hungry company EB Games really is.

    My local EB Games shop isn't as bad as most of these stores im hearing about now, but tho i've never been hassled about pre-orders, sometimes its the complete opposite, there was no talking at all, it felt really awkward sometimes, but on one or two occasions i would go ask the manager about some items and games and he was a real chilled guy with a genuine sense of humor. even when i didnt buy anything that particular visit, he seemed happy to chat anyways, or at least that was the vibe i got.

    I frequent EB alot aswell because there isn't another video game store anywhere else and Gametraders, my preferred retail outlet is another half hour ride, so i usually buy stuff from EB and so far so good, maybe im just lucky.

    I have nothing but good things to say about EB Games Tuggerah. The only reason I shop there over JB is the customer service, especially the manager. I've never been pushed into a pre order, just a friendly reminder about an upcoming game every now and then.

    My local EB has this guy who seems high on life. He's the most cheery person I've met.
    Every time I've been served by him, he somehow makes me feel like I forgot to preorder and he helpfully reminded me. Then I have to stop myself.
    One day I'll see through his friendly ploy.

    The staff turnover isn't surprising. I worked for EB Games for a few years in a manager position and the way they treat their managers is "If you don't want to do 30 hours of unpaid overtime in a week we will find someone else who does...." and there is always another sucker that will step into your spot because they have no idea how bad it is.

      Couldn't agree more. I love video games, love chatting to customers about them, getting excited about a new release I've been waiting for for years. But when you are put in a position where you're expected to constantly work 70-80 hour weeks whilst getting paid for 38 hours and given no budget to put more staff on, something has to give. You quite simply burn out. I miss working there to be honest but frankly you're expendable even in a management position.

    Don't hate on the staff. I work at EB and we get a talking to about our employee performance if we don't ask for pre-orders and EB world cards. Its become store policy to ask EVERY customer if they have an EB world card. Its just like woolies with their flybuys cards, its not really a huge hassle is it? frankly to all the people bitching and moaning that they get asked 100 times if you have an EB world card, Well if you're making so many purchases at EB enough for the question to become annoying why wouldn't you want a loyalty/rewards card? oh well too each his own, remember guys the retail staff down the bottom don't make the rules, they're just trying to earn rent for the week.

      How would they even know if you're not asking? lol.

        Because the system tracks your percentage on how many transactions had EB Worlf cards in them?

    As an extremely disgruntled ex-EB Games employee, the fact that they've cropped up on this list is no surprise whatsoever. I won't even shop there any more simply because of the treatment I got - not just personally, from my immediate manager and area manager - but also the culture of a disposable workforce. "There's plenty of naiive 16 year-olds willing to take your place, so shut up" seemed to be the implied response I got whenever I complained about ... well ... whatever it was that week.
    EB Games is a horrible business to work for and I urge anyone thinking about applying for a job there to just ... keep ... looking.

      My children even you have bad experience in the past with the store you must learn to forgive them because hate leads to the darkness and the only way to destroy that darkness is the way to learn to forgive.
      God bless.

    I can second Stu's notion. I was an EB Games employee for the good part of my twenties, and after numerous promotions, it didn't take long to realise the company is only interested in squeezing every last dollar's worth out of their employees as well as the customer. I honestly can't think of any other retailer that uses the sly tactics that EB Games/Gamestop uses in relation to pretty much everything, especially the EB World card. Every retailer needs to look after their margins and bottom line, but if they are selling products that only provide a decent profit in their first week or two (i.e. preorders!), maybe they need to get some balls and have some serious discussions with gaming publishers. To top it off, they have by far the most rudimentary , uninspiring, illogical and repetitive marketing ideas (Mid Year Sale anyone?) of any retail group I can think of. Most major retailer's solutions for struggling sales is to perhaps diversify their range of stock, EB's solution is add more sale wrap and change % off stickers to $ off stickers. I would actually feel ashamed to be working for them when walking through a shopping centre and seeing EB as the only store with some ridiculous sale setup. On a positive note, if you can find a store which is overseen by a nice Area Manager, run by a friendly down-to-earth Store Manager with some cool casuals and not tainted by the touch of Head Office, then EB Games can be a fun place to work at. Or at least it was...

    I've worked for EB for three years and to be honest it was much better before the EB World Card and the intensity of the amount of crap we are required to ask people every transaction. Would you like a preowned copy? Do you have your eb world card? Would you like scratch insurance? Don't forget to trade your games? Did you want to preorder anything today? You customers think you've got it bad for two seconds when we have to ask EVERY SINGLE person this without looking like an idiot, these conversations dont exactly flow. We agree with the focus on customers not sales but the higher-ups dont.

    have no problems with EB Games even I've been shopping at there stores for more than 8 years. Gamers have a high tendency to complain easily.

    EB in Canberra has pretty decent service, Game was faaaar to pushy and high priced though.

    The majority of EB's staff are transient casuals .. only management are fulltime, and in smaller stores there is only one FT staff member . It's not surprising that they have such high turnover, Uni students come and go, casuals find FT work in preferred areas. Not many people leave school and say 'i'm going to start my dream career in retail!' .. it's an industry that most people join as an interim to something better. Some just never leave.

    I never get asked any of these annoying questions people always talk about on her.

    It might be because I talk to the staff before making my purchase and don't just walk up to the counter with box in my head and pass it over without saying a word. Anti-social behaviour like that normally promotes a person to fall back on a script...

    I had the same experience working at EB games . Started out as a cool place to work. Get to talk about games , listen to cool music and attend a few midnight launches etc. But then it turned into this money making machine where "Game Guarantees" and extended warranty's were the only thing that mattered and customers lost the personality and service then once came to the store for. Barely ever drop into them anymore.

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