Report Says NBA Live 13 Will Be A $20 Digital Download

Report Says NBA Live 13 Will Be A $20 Digital Download

Rumor out of GameStop’s annual expo in San Antonio says EA Sports representatives are telling attendees that NBA Live 13 will in fact be a digital only release, and will cost $US20 on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The site IRB Gamer, attending the expo, said it was told directly of EA Sports’ digital plans for the NBA Live series, which has not appeared on shelves since 2009. Kotaku has asked an EA Sports spokesman for comment.

Signs have pointed to this for the past several weeks, coming from such places as Xbox Live downloadable content listings and the menu options of a leaked 10-minute video of the game itself.

IRB Gamer said October was given as the month of release but, notably, Oct. 2 — the day NBA 2K13 releases — was not specified. No release date has been announced for this game, nearly two months before its competitor is due in stores. rumour has circulated that EA Sports may release the game on or right before the NBA’s Oct. 30 tipoff date.

NBA Live‘s last edition, NBA Elite 11 was canceled one week before release in 2010 because of severe quality concerns. The project was sent to EA Sports’ Tiburon studio in Florida to be reconstituted as NBA Live again. A staff of more than 70 developers have been working on it for the past year.

The game showed potential in some specific phases of gameplay back in the spring but suffered very poor overall impressions during hands-off demonstrations at E3 — to the point almost nothing has been heard from Live in the two months since.

NBA Live 13 Will Drop This October [IRB Gamer]


  • dunno, I’d still rather pay $60 for NBA 2K13 when it’s released. Since 2K got Jordan and Co into their games plus polished what was already a solid game, there is no need to look elsewhere for basketball. Then again if you don’t have money $20 seems like it’s worth a try at least.

  • Hopefully 2k puts 2k13 on playstation store or i’ll have to get this if i wanna play a basketball game. Can’t play disks games on my ps3 anymore…

  • I think its a very smart move that allows fans to get an espn branded simulation for a third of the price. Also with it going tottlly digital allows ea to create pathes for download to update cotent and graphics as the year progresses. Question is will this game be playable offline. Internet connection will make this game worth the buy since it will more then likely stream espn live and have a more unique connection with daily updates then youbwill get from the 2k series.

  • Ea has lost so many basketball fans, digital download means DEFEAT, they Ea should now do what is right and hand over the nba rights they own to 2k, because the nba will not tolerate a b-class game they have licensed, and it would show loyalty to there fans that have had no choice to convert to 2k. Ea are just too far behind 2k in NBA sims, they should move on and focus on other ventures, they now have UFC on board , and I hear 2k are not doing MLB any more so they should try and gain fans back and respect by focusing on other sport titles, Ea should forget about a MBA title, it’s a battle they can not win

  • This is great news, I was a fan of NBA 10 and this is going to be a great game. I’m sad to hear that 2k13 will be not be available on digital on release, as I’m a huge fan of digital, I think digital is the future, I don’t want to use grubby discs anymore, it’s no longer the 1920’s, it’s time to upgrade to digital, hard copies are not great when you have a ps4 or 720 that doesn’t support backward compatibility, with digital I have all my games in one place, and future proof myself on new consoles, so you can use your made in 1920 CD media. I’ve been a huge fan of 2k & live for many years, 2k is getting harder and annoying each year, you have to play 24/7 and be a skyrim nerd to be able to master the game. I like my BKB games old arcade school. Maybe this will be a good year. Time to transport the Nolan brothers & 2K Team in doc’s time machine back to the 1900’s for opposing digital.

  • Just shows how crappy the NBA Live franchise has become. Once 2K makes a NFL game the same will be with Madden. EA gets complacent with their games and just starts releasing crap.

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