Resident Evil 6 Producers Warn Players Not To Get Too Gung-Ho In Agent Hunt Mode

With the release of Resident Evil 6 only two months away, more and more information and footage is being released, I may not even need to play the game to find out all the “mysteries…” With the latest information of Ada Wong as one of the playable protagonists, the producers sat down for an interview in this week’s Weekly Famitsu to talk about the new scenario.

For Ada’s route, executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi confirmed Ada would be unlocked after completing Leon, Chris and Jake’s stories. “Even after clearing those three scenarios, there will still be some unanswered mysteries. Ada’s route will show the answer to those mysteries.” Kobayashi said, explaining their reasoning for having Ada’s story locked at the start. “We believed her story would be more enjoyable after having gone through the other three scenarios.”

Unlike the other scenarios where characters work with partners, Ada’s scenario will be, for the most part, strictly a one-woman show. “One of the themes of Ada’s story is ‘a lone spy working in secret.’” said producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. Her main weaponry is also more technical in comparison to the blatant firepower of the other protagonists. As can be seen from the released game footage, Ada carries a hook shot and a crossbow as her main weapons. The crossbow has two features, a delay explosive and the ability to pin enemies to walls, while the hook shot is something familiar to anyone who has played a Zelda game. Many of the puzzles in Ada’s scenario will require the use of these weapons to solve. Said, Hirabayashi, “Many of the puzzles will require you to ‘use your head.’ I think players will find them quite challenging.”

While Ada does mostly work alone, there will be points in her story where she will work with other characters. The producers revealed one part of Ada’s story where she must work together with Leon and his partner, Helena (“Depending on how you look at it, Ada may just be using them…” said Hirabayashi) to defeat Helena’s C-Virus infected sister, Deborah. Director Eiichiro Sasaki explained, “Story-wise, the battle with Deborah is a very important scene. It is also a scene where one of the larger mysteries is answered.”

The producers also added a little information on the Agent Hunt feature that allows players who have cleared to game to enter other people’s games as enemies. “It’s balanced so that in a one-on-one, agents will most likely win.” Explained Sasaki. “The point of this mode is to enjoy the game as the role of an ‘enemy,’ not ‘competition.’” So use tactics and don’t go running head-on expecting to have a Leon or Jake sandwich right away.

(The producers did hint that they do have a separate PVP mode planned…)

Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for release on October 2nd.

『バイオハザード6』第4の物語、エイダ編の存在が明らかに! 新モード”エージェントハント”も発表【動画あり】 [ファミ通.com]


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