Rumour: Wii U Set For December 6 Release In Australia

Rumour: Wii U Set For December 6 Release In Australia

We’ve just had an anonymous tip, from a local Australian retailer, that Nintendo’s upcoming home console the Wii U will be released in Australia on December 6. In addition, we’ve heard that — in the wake of massive shortages in 2006 when the original Wii first launched — Nintendo is guaranteeing that every pre-order of the console at EB will be met.

We called Nintendo for comment, but were informed that Nintendo had nothing new to announce regarding the Wii U at this time.

The release date makes a lot of sense, for a few reasons. This year December 6 is on a Thursday, which is traditionally the day in which new games/hardware is released in this country. The original Wii was released in Australia on December 7, and that day was also a Thursday. When it comes to release dates Nintendo tend to repeat themselves.

According to a GameStop employee, the Wii U is set from release during Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Thanksgiving is on November 22, meaning that — if the dates are correct — the Wii U will go on sale in Australia roughly two weeks after, which is the kind of delay Australians are used to with Nintendo’s hardware releases.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed but we’d say, at worst, the date is a pretty solid bet, considering Nintendo’s history.


  • To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it until 2013. Nintendo Australia has always treated us with contempt. Two weeks is not bad. Maybe they’re learning?

    • Wii was released in Aus from memory before the US (or was that Japan?) by only a day or two. A few games have even hit here before US including new super Mario bros. and don’t forget Xenolade, pandoras tower and last story all got released here wher the US is sill waiting.

      That’s hardly contempt. Maybe random would be the word..

    • Noticed this straight away, figured the same thing since it’s unlikely one retailer would have an exclusive on console pre-orders.

      Probably won’t buy it on launch, but as soon as there’s a few Mario games out I’ll look into it. Still need to get around to playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 though.

      • Do it man, Galaxy 2 is awesome.

        Wouldn’t bother wait unless you’re hurting for cash, it’s not like they’re going to drop in price anytime soon. It’s one of the few purchases I feel good about.

      • EB doesn’t have an “exclusive” for pre-orders, per se, but they’re always first in line for restocks of Nintendo hardware. Most likely EB will say how many they need out of the Australian shipment, and whatever’s left over will be distributed to other retailers.

  • Sounds about right. Considering the reports of difficulties in the manufacturing process leading to delays and less product then expected, they would launch in NA first and try and get it out here in a reasonable time before Christmas.

    • That’s merely a rumor. A simultaneous worldwide console launch is extremely difficult to pull off (has it ever happened?). The Wii launched on the 7th Dec 2006 about 2 weeks after NA so this seems reasonably legitimate even if the manufacturing issues are false rumors.

    • EB is stating $598. I’m assuming $400-500 overseas as we have to pay the convict and EB taxes which I’d equate to at minimum of $100 on a console. Personally there is no way I’m paying that much for a Wii U. I don’t care how long I have to wait but unless JB or Big W do a decent priced bundle I’m not keen at all on a launch day purchase. This would actually be the first time in years I’ve missed out on a console on launch but I’m still quite fragile after purchasing a Vita on day 1.

    • I don’t see my buying another Nintendo console on the strength of a Pokemon game until it’s a full on sandbox RPG with actual fighting mechanics instead of turn-based combat.

      And since no one else in the world wants a pokemon game like that, I guess that’ll be half-past never.

      • No-one in the world within GameFreak.
        I think a lot of people, especially those who grew up woith red/blue/yellow are desperate to see a real-time, sandbox pokemon game.
        I think the trainer mechanic is important, though, so orders would probably be a must, but badges might give you greater control by earning your pokemon’s respect.

  • December release works for me. I’m assuming a $399 price-tag, so if i have $1000 down by then, i can get 6 launch games. Stoked!

    • Assume $598, which is what EB is stating as an estimated RRP. I couldn’t imagine it going down from there .

        • that’s bullshit dude, I’ve preordered mine already. Ive put $70 bucks down, and they have $598 as a temp price at ALL EB Games in their system. And I also know this because my Cousin Manages an EB Games.

          • even if EB have a price in their system it would be purely speculative. Nintendo haven’t announced official pricing, however i think EB are bang on with their prediction. I think $599 is the most it will be on launch… possibly the RRP and with retail competition we could see $550 and under. Hopefull for $499 RRP though…

  • Makes sense, but Nintendo’s been kind enough to launch things on the weekend to match worldwide dates lately. The first week of December is pretty much a lock.

  • Lol Kotaku is awesome!:

    “We’ve just had an anonymous tip, from a local Australian retailer” (trys to keep said retailer anonymous.

    2 sentences later:

    “Nintendo is guaranteeing that every pre-order of the console at EB will be met”


  • If it’s planning to be released for the christmas rush I can guarantee they will charge as much as they think it can reasonable go for don’t be surprised to see a $600 tag.

  • Awesome, just in time for christmas…but that means waiting even longer if I put it on my santa list *ponders*

  • EB Deals. Great, you’ll end up paying an extra $100 for a plastic must-have tennis racquet 🙂

  • Might wait until after Christmas to get a Wii U
    Mainly because I’m moving from Australia to Canada next year so I’ll need to get one for the Region

  • I’ll probably wait a little while before investing – even though I’m pretty much a dead certainty of getting one anyway. Then again, I do work a lot over Christmas and have no children, so … December 6th sounds nice.

  • I still don’t know if I’m gonna buy one of these or not. I want one, but I’ve grown up since being super excited about getting a Wii in grade 7 with Monkey Ball and all that. Now all that really interests me about the Wii U is whatever Zelda game they end up releasing. And that’s a few years away I bet.

  • No games worth buyin at launch however… I needed either Zelda, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros or something that blew my mind.

  • If it’s over $400 I’ll pass, even though I’m a big Nintendo fan. No real Mario game means I have no burning desire to buy one at launch. Also mooted $600 price point is ludricous (que spaceballs reference)

    • So you want stuff for nothing? Seriously, consider the tech, consider demand, remove expectations of how much you’d LIKE to pay and how is $600 luducrous?

      • Don’t be melodramatic. Of course the tech is impressive and many obviously will buy it regardless of the price, but I’m, not convinced of the value in it if it costs the rumoured $600. While the Wii was $400 at launch, the Wii U retains the same branding and the general consumer will expect a similar launch price point.

        Software sells consoles and at this point in time, I don’t see anything that makes me want to pay $600 for a Wii U at launch. I’d rather wait for the price drops, and maybe by then there will be something I actually want to play.

        • I find it very hard to think it will actually be $600. I’m guessing EB just list that on their website as their ‘ceiling’ estimate. I’m thinking $450 mark, but $500 wouldn’t surprise me. Anything under $400 or above $500 will surprise me.

  • I dont care if it is $1000 at launch – im lining up down Swanston Street on Launch day!! WOOOO HOOO!!!

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