Scott Pilgrim Gets DLC

On August 19, Scott Pilgrim — a game released in 2010 — will get some DLC, adding multiplayer and a new character, Wallace.


    The fuck...?

    Wallace Wells FTW! But seriously, wtf.

    Will this also be released on the PSN for Australia?

      Yes, Sony confirmed it will head to PSN as well...

    This game has my favourite video game soundtrack of all time. And the graphics are awesome too. Pumped to have an excuse to play through it again.

    This just confirms my theory that a game never truly dies until you stop supporting it. This is especially sad for the Halo series with their Forge mode that nobody uses anymore because the next game is coming out.

    This is one of those games I keep meaning to buy and never get around to. Will do it one of these days. I enjoyed the demo.

    Apparently it'll cost 400MS Points (is that $5 on PSN?).
    And by 'adding multiplayer', it means adding online multiplayer.

    What I love, is how they're going back on their word, the idea was to avoid adding online play to try and encourage more in-person gaming like the good old days.

      Yeah but... to be fair the game has had time to honour that. Why not let the people who still love it and play it have the chance to keep playing it online now?

        Yeah, I can't exactly hop states to play it with Sughly, awesome as that would be.

      Exactly, and thanks to that stuff around, nobody else I knew could be bothered. 2 years later they release something they should've done initially, and they expect people to care?

      It was a fun game, but its too late. Should've given online multiplayer when Scott Pilgrim public interest was at its highest.

    aw yisss

    Thank you, Julie.

    This is a freaking dream come true.

    This is a freaking dream come true.

    For what it's worth, this is almost certainly to coincide with this week's release of the first Scott Pilgrim volume in colour, rather than the original black and white. They're rolling out two a year, so we might potentially see some more of this in the next few years.

    I hope it comes with new achievments too. I still need to get the Knives ones though :s

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