‘Season Pass’ Gets You All Of Borderlands 2’s DLC

‘Season Pass’ Gets You All Of Borderlands 2’s DLC

Scuttlebutt going back to the summer had suggested that 2K Games would offer all of Borderlands 2‘s downloadable content extensions in a “season pass” offered at a package discount. Well, that’s now confirmed. rumour went around earlier today that $US30 would buy up all four planned releases, and Gearbox confirmed it earlier this evening to Kotaku.

We’ve been told to expect more official details later — PAX coming up this weekend would seem to be timely — but yes, those with heartier appetites for this game can get a discount by locking in their commitment ahead of time.

Borderlands 2 Season Pass Announced [NeoGAF]


    • I’m inclined to agree. I’m not a fan of DLC, but the BL DLC was (in my opinion) better than the main game.

      • Yep, I think they really learnt a lot whilst making that DLC, and that’s what’s got me excited about Borderlands 2. The first game kinda didn’t know what it wanted to be at times but the DLCs were full of direction. This season pass may convince me to buy the game now rather than waiting for the GOTY.

    • It sure is, Borderlands DLC was brilliant, not small items or a couple of quests etc. It was actual damn content! Gave me and a mate uhhh roughly 4-6 more hours gameplay for each DLC. Well worth it.

      • That plus the DLC was like $9.90 ($10.00 lets say) which is much cheaper than normal DLCs with not even a quarter of the content.

  • Out of curiosity, how long was the original Borderlands? I picked it up last week (thanks, PS+!) and have started playing it. I’m enjoying it so far, but just a bit worried that it’s starting to feel like something that could drag on for 40+ hours which I probably won’t have the time or patience to finish…

      • Yeah what Glenn said. It can be done quicker if you don’t bother with all the side-quests though. Most of the play time comes from New Game + and just derping around in co-op.

        • My most recent character, including all side missions and stopping to read the missions (first time playing it in over 12 months) took me about 16 hours… I did still have a clear picture of where to go though, as well as an idea on how efficiently to do the missions.

          • Haha I like how you included “stopping to read the missions”. My very first playthrough was around 20 hours I think. I did all the side-quests but only read the first 4 or so before realising it wasn’t worth it. Playing on Mordecai with a certain skill makes the last section extremely easy though.

            I think I ended up with 40 hours the last time I played on console but that was after 2 and a half playthroughs. The game gets repetitive but I never felt like it dragged on. Try out online co-op if you can Braaains as the game immediately gets better when playing with others :).

          • Trouble is all my friends already bought it and played it and are done with it and don’t want to go back now. I didn’t bother with it first time around, but it was free on PS+ so I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a crack. I guess it also means I can just play it until I get sick of it then stop – I don’t feel the same obligation to finish a game that probably only cost me about $1-2, depending on how you break down the PS+ subscription cost 😛

          • Hi braains if you want a co-op partner to play borderlands with on PS3 let me know. send me a tweet, i’m (at)sir_mashaa on twitter

  • As someone that played the original on release and all the DLC as they came out, I can definitly see me picking up the season pass in order to reduce the cost… I’m certain I’ll be buying all the DLC anyway, $30 seems like a nice price for the amount of extra content Gearbox will likely provide.

  • This is my problem with DLC. I’m not sure whether to buy the game at full price then buy DLC as it releases, or wait for a cheaper and superior “GOTY/Gold/Complete/Sexy” edition.

    I was planning to get Borderlands 2 on Xbox and then re-buy the GOTY edition on Steam when it’s cheap (like I did with the first) then I realised that I might as well just buy it on PC for half the price it is on console and buy the DLC later. Now question is, do I get the season pass or the “complete” edition. GAHHHH! Like with Saints Row 3 the season pass only contained the 3 main DLC but excluded all the other little ones that the complete edition had.

    Now that I finally have a decent PC there’s no reason not to get Borderlands for it :).


    • I’d buy the full season pack. For other games/devs I’d suggest otherwise, but given what gearbox doled out in DLC for the first BL, definitely worth it to get a discount on these all at once.

  • I normally like my games ‘content complete’ and will wait for the packaged edition.
    I’ve recently made concessions on Saint’s Row 3 and Borderlands 2 since I found a release day price of $40 to be reasonable. On that note the DLC is a bit steep at 75% of the purchase price. I’ll wait for a steam sale for that I guess.

  • Going by the by price in this article, you would do well to think of this season pass as an actual expansion pack (especially after how much content was thrown into the original DLC for borderlands) hell 30 bucks for 4 DLC is 7.50 each. Just to point out, there was more content included in the isle of dr ned than there was in Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC

  • I really hope they include this in the LE’s. I’ve got the loot chest preordered, and as much as I like Borderlands, I still hesitate to dish out even more on it…

    • So you’re willing to dish out about $100 more than necessary to get the game on day 1, but not about $30 for a huge array of actual gameplay DLC?

      Weird logic……

        • I think he was more referencing that you’d rather pay a lot more for a box, than less for actual game content.

          • Ok, that I can understand. A case of poor communication on both sides, I think. My point was that they have people dishing out, as Gus rightly said, about $100 more than necessary to get it on day one; can’t they throw in some of the DLC too? If you release a $150 CE, you can usually expect certain things – DLC being one of them.
            As a side note, I’ll probably buy the season pass anyway, simply because, in all likelihood, it will be worth it… it’s just that announcing the season pass this soon before launch and not including at least some of the DLC in the LCE seems to devalue the LCE. Oh well; in the mean time I’ll just convince myself that it’s a freaking awesome box. 🙂

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