Seasons Coming To The Sims 3

Seasons Coming To The Sims 3

Due out for the PC and Mac in November, The Sims 3: Seasons brings seasonal weather and events to EA’s popular people-growing game.


  • This is why I’ll never buy another Sims game. They take out features in the sequel then sell em back to people, be it Pets or Seasons.

    • Yeah, it certainly feels that way. I admit to enjoying Sims 3 but the buy in for someone is like $300 now right? I mean if they are crazy enough to need all the EPs and some of the DLC. I use to work for EA so the chip they implanted during orientation makes me buy Sims 3 stuff… what’s everyone else’s excuse?

      • I bought a tonne of Sims 1 expansions, and then I was dumb and repurchased them for Sims 2. When Sims 3 wasn’t a huge step forward for the series (huge step from 1 to 2, not so much from 2 to 3) I realised that repurchasing Pets would be retarted.

    • Yeah, the Sims 4 should have ALL of these features (everything from Sims 3 and all it’s expansions); then the Sims 4 expansions should add NEW features.

      We’re basically paying for a HD remake each time.

  • I bought and enjoyed the first Sims and always thought I’d come back to one of the sequels one day. These constant expansions put me off though.

  • Looks good. I’m sure it will be embraced by the Sims community. But like has been suggested above – they are essentially remaking the game and the expansions every time. The Sims 2 had a Seasons expansion pack. The last one Showtime, was on all the Sims games, as was Pets. They seem to beef it up in some ways, and lose some features in other ways – which are then offered in other ways.

  • Part of the reason they keep remaking packs from the old games is because that’s what players are asking for. The forum for suggestions for The Sims 3 has been dominated by requests for seasons pretty much since the original game came out. Same with Pets where EA also added a whole heap additional stuff – horses, snakes, wildlife, etc. Yeah it’d be nice if Sims 4 had a few more of these elements built into the base game but sometimes it’s nice to add these things in optionally. Personally I find weather a huge faff that gets in the way so I can choose not to buy the EP.
    Now the Stuff Packs, they’re just blatant money spinners!

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