See How Dishonored Will Let You Improvise Some Really Cool Kills

The malleability of the combat system in Dishonored is one of the things that has me most lookingf forward to the upcoming alternate-reality adventure from Arkane Studios The trailer above shows how you can mix and match abilities and gadgets to pull off sneaky, surprising kills. Can't wait until October.


    Looks great.
    Cant wait to troll all the enemies by running them infront of their own bullets :D

    Its up for preorder on steam now & it seems any notion of bethesda abandoning the Australia Tax was woefully optimistic, $20 more expensive than the american storefront as usual

    tbh i cant see anyone bothering with these complex and slow schemes when they can just stop time, go behind enemy, stab, repeat. The time stop goes for much too long, and I think it wont take long for people to get bored of it.

      AKA I need instant gratification and don't like actually playing around in games, just give scripted events

      Well you could play it like that, but it would get boring wouldn't it. Isn't the point of playing games to have fun?

        Exactly what i tell my wife. She felt guilty about using a code in a lego game to unlock a character. Once she did she had heaps more fun and as i told her, that is what is most important.

          That all depends on your definitions of fun, however

          the lego games are all about playing through with different chars and getting those multiplier bricks, she shouldnt feel too bad, total grind fest otherwise

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