See How Sound Shapes Turns Your Vita Into A Fully Fledged Music Sequencer

I've had my eye on Sound Shapes for a good long while; the music-platformer-sequencer isn't quite like any game I've played before, and I'm entirely enamoured of its approach to musically integrated level design.

In this video, Queasy Games' Jonathan Mak puts together a track using the built-in level editor. As you can see, it's sort of LittleBigPlanet by way of, well, a music sequencer. Looking forward to playing this one. More info on the game is available in a post on the PlayStation Blog.


    Reminds me a little of PS1 title Rez...I'm starting to pay a bit more attention to the Vita - the hardware is pretty sweet and some of the titles look decent - although unless Sony can find the sweet spot between mobile phone gaming and your home consoles I think it's probably going to be yet another beautiful failure like the PSP and the Atari Lynx...a suitably decent price drop for the Vita wouldn't hurt either :-)

      PSP wasn't a failure! Well... It was over here... But it kicked butt in Japan! If you liked JRPG's it really came into it's own in the last few years.

    Sure the PSP was great if you're Japanese but the lack of or difficulty finding games the average punter actually WANTS to play pretty much killed it as a serious contender...having said that with the hardware price drop to around 90 bux it's looking a lot more attractive, especially if you're after a media player as well as games...

    Looks amazing. I hope it isn't download only, I can't take any more online purchases that don't sit on my shelf.

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