See The Glory Of Assassin's Creed 3's New Gameplay Engine Right Here

A new trailer spotlights the AnvilNext engine, which will be creating the all-new forest and city environments — and the people you'll meet there — in the next Assassin's Creed game.


    First footage of Connor fighting soldiers from both sides.
    This puts my mind at ease.

    Assassins Creed!

    I at first hated that they went Colonial America (so sick of America settings) but then they showed a gameplay vid with dev commentary of all the new movesets, building interiors having seemless transition, new ways of hiding etc.
    Well in short I am now looking forward to this way more than AC Revelations.

    That boat thing is irritating the crap out of me...
    The British navy was near invincible at that point in history, and yet they fall apart under a single barrage?

      lol they were near invincible because of tactics. wood is wood, british or not.

    this is a fictional game who cares if a boat isn't simulating real life.

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