See The LittleBigPlanet Team's Delightful-Looking New Game Tearaway In Action

Shortly after announcing their new paper-centric game Tearaway, Media Molecule's Alex Evans and Rex Crowle demonstrated the game onstage at Gamescom.

This game looks awfully cool, though I'll admit I'm a sucker for everything Media Molecule has done up to this point. I've also been hoping for more good Vita games, and Iota's adventure certainly looks to fit the bill. You can stick your fingers into it! I've always wanted to do that with more games.


    Looks absolutely stunning

    That looks awesome! Media Molecule's games are great fun to tool around in, and with it's Vita-centric features it's really looking to be one unique (and excellent) game. Here's hoping MM's other signature - level-building - makes it in. And if they somehow let you design your own inputs, beyond poking your fingers through the "bottom" of the world, I think this could be the title vita owners have been waiting for.

    Seems like quite the interesting concept. :)

    Now THIS makes me want to get a Vita. Nice job MM!

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