See The New Levels id Is Adding To Doom 3

See The New Levels id Is Adding To Doom 3

We’ve got ourselves a new trailer for October’s Doom 3: BFG Edition. This one highlights the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game’s new eight-level “Lost Mission”.

But what about Doom 4? Id is still working on it — they even moved their mobile designers onto the project, begging off any more mobile gaming for the time being — but that’s about all we know. Given that today is the kickoff for id’s annual Quakecon event and that’s all they’re saying, that’s pretty much all we’re going to be told, officially, for quite some time.


  • are they really trying to sell us a ~10yr old game, that wasnt even that good to begin with. I mean i played it, it was fun – but didnt live up to its hype…

    I find this a very weird, and fically stupid idea on id’s part…

    • I actually really enjoyed the game. I also recall quite a few people enjoyed the game the last time this was mentioned on Kotaku. Just hope the Trent Reznor soundpack + plasma gun motion detector still works with this

    • Just think of it as purchasing Doom and Doom 2, with Doom 3 as the added bonus, this makes it a worthwhile purchase… (Fingers crossed for Original Doom Trophies and Split-Screen Support). I thoroughly enjoyed Doom 3, but find myself far more excited at the prospect of Original Doom on Playstation 3 (As an avid fan, I own the PSOne version of Doom, and it just doesn’t live up to the quality of the dedicated X-Box 360 version).

    • I also really enjoyed Doom 3. I get the feeling that people were expecting something more recent (cover based, waves of enemies, ect) that’s not what Doom is. Like DNF, Doom 3 was about bringing the old school 2.5 shooters along with some nice improvements, without making it a mish-mash mix of the old and new that was DNF, Doom stuck to it’s roots and for what it was, was a good game.

      • I didn’t like it because I had just played through all of Doom and Doom 2, so was expecting to be able to play another Doom game. Instead I got some game that happened to have the word “Doom” in the title.

  • Are they really trying to sell us a 10 year old game that lots of people want to play again on their couch with their new systems, achievements, with new levels and updated visuals? Its almost like they tested whether there was demand for it and realised there was and so made a product to supply that demand. Its crazy!

    • Yes 😉 The whole point is to sell Doom 3 to the current ‘next gen’ PS3 and Xbox 360 owners so it improves sales of and/or funds Doom 4 on those same consoles.

  • I still adore Doom 1 and 2, and while Doom 3 may have disappointed many, it certainly didn’t disappoint me. I’m looking forward to playing it again.

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