Shameless Gaming: This Is The End

Shameless Gaming: This Is The End

What is Shameless Gaming? Well, I’m glad you asked! Shameless Gaming is Kotaku’s version of Dry July, a month where we ignore new releases and play through our video gaming pile of shame together. We take all those unfinished, ignored games, the ones we cast aside, and we give them the attention they deserve! Join in!

So this is it. Shameless Gaming month is over. My grand total, the amount of games I removed from the my pile of shame, the number of games I complete: zero. Zip zero. But, still, I don’t regret a thing. Because, in a way, Shameless Gaming helped me fall in love with games again.

My month of Shameless Gaming started with an experiment. A stupid one. You may have read about my polyphasic sleep experiment — an experiment that, at least in part, was designed to give me more time to play games. I had fully intended to sleep for only two hours a day in order to give myself more time to complete games for Shameless Gaming month.

But at one point I just broke.

And to a certain extent my resolve to plough through games I wasn’t enjoying, just for the sake of a number broke. Trying to finish Max Payne 3, exhausted, with no sleep, not enjoying a single second — at that point I realised that I really had to use Shameless Gaming to play the games I truly wanted to play, but didn’t have time to, with the constant stream of new releases. I realised that I had to use my Shameless Gaming time to play a game I could truly play without shame.

And that game was Dark Souls.

Over the last two or three weeks, I’ve put roughly 25-30 hours into Dark Souls. Apparently I’m not even halfway through the game. I just don’t care. I’ve largely achieved nothing, very little trophies, no achievements. I just don’t care. For the first time in ages, I feel like I’m playing a game for the sake of it, for the minute-to-minute enjoyment of it. It feels like a small miracle.

So, from a numbers perspective — complete disaster. But in terms of rediscovering that core enjoyment, that ability to just be in the moment with a video game and enjoy the experience? Shameless Gaming month has been the most rewarding month of gaming I can remember.

How did you guys and girls go with Shameless Gaming? What was your final tally? How did it all finish up? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Played Rayman Origins, The Dig, Beneath a Steel Sky and Resonance. My love affair with adventure games has been some what rekindled. Still got Gemini Rue to get through though.

  • I think you’re on to something here Mark… for a variety of work and family reasons I had a terrible Shameless Gaming Month. I completed a crappy game and a couple of DLC packs but didn’t have the motivation to play anything else all month. This is a new situation to me. But if I was to take this approach of submerging myself in something awesome, it may just rekindle the fire and get me playing again.

    Dark Souls is sitting there on my shelf… do I dare…?

  • Finished Infamous 2 on Good with one day to spare. Bought a bunch of stuff in the Steam Sales. Damn you Steam, damn you. *shakes fist*

  • I finished Dark Souls, then expanded the pile with the Steam sales.

    Now I’ve started replaying GTA3 on PC for some reason, I think I might have myself a GTA marathon for the hell of it.

    • I love the infamous series, played the first at least 6 times and the only game I platinum’d
      the hero ending in Infamous 2 was great but the infamous/bad ending was really difficult
      for people who have played through it you’ll know im talking about “that” moment
      I sat there for ages hoping the game would take over for me but in the end… I feel sad now 🙁

        • Loving it. I’m on my first “Evil” playthrough now, gone back to the first one to do it “evil all the way”. Thanks for not giving the spoiler away. 🙂 I’m finding being evil really hard – I naturally want to stop and heal civilians, and being callous feels wrong… had the same issue in Black & White…

          This is my first serious attempt to Platinum a game, mainly ’cause it’s quite “doable” – there aren’t too many trophies that aren’t going to come up naturally in the course of two complete playthroughs plus some shard collecting. Got a long way towards Infamous 2 also, and my second playthrough on evil following this infamous run should see me close to platinum on that too.

  • This was exactly my experience with Dark Souls too. After being burnt out on games, Dark Souls was like a breath of fresh air, feeling just like a lot of fun. Such awesomeness.

  • I’ve been playing Lego games. I have no idea why, it just seems that in the last few weeks I haven’t had the inclination to play any ‘serious’ games, only Lego games. They’re also the only games my wife will play with me, so that might have something to do with it, as it’s been cold and it’s much warmer playing in the loungeroom than on my ‘spare’ 360 in the cold, back spare room 🙂

    Lego Star Wars 3
    Lego Batman
    Lego Batman 2
    Lego Indiana Jones 2

  • I finished one game, nearly finished another game but for the stupid design decision where if you didn’t do a few things at the start, you were irrevocably underpowered for the entire game and had no chance of beating the final boss without grinding for eternity. So I’m going to restart it at a later date… I also got about 1/4 the way through another game by the end which I am currently still working through. I more or less feel like I still completed 2 games though, despite not seeing the second through to the very end. It was only the ending sequence I missed out on so I experienced enough to feel like I got something out of it.

  • Finished:
    – half life
    – half way through banjo kazooie nuts and bolts
    – beat mom in binding of Isaac (which was 11hrs gameplay for me)
    – edge

    Added about 20 games to my list thanks to steam sales

  • I started off really strong, but then JB HiFi had a game sale. Got into my backlog again following that, and then the Steam sale started 😛

    In the end I managed to finish Metroid Other M, Bioshock and Tomb Raider Legend, which were all great. I’m glad I finished them. I’m still going on Mass Effect 2 though.

  • The end of my shameless gaming month kind of fell apart. Got distracted by real life events. Still managed to finish off Saints Row: The Third on the last day (let’s just ignore the fact that I bought it during the Steam Sales).

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with it all. Finished some games that I had been meaning to play for years, found out that Starcraft just doesn’t work for me and got to run around beating people with a giant dildo.

    This month, I think I’m going to try the reverse of shameless gaming. Replaying some old games that I loved.

    First up, Red Dead Redemption.

    • In case anyone cares about my final tally (roughly in order):
      – Half Life 2 (PC)
      – Shadow of the Colossus (PS3)
      – Half Life 2: Episode 1 (PC)
      – LIMBO (PC)
      – Half Life 2: Episode 2 (PC)
      – Costume Quest (PC)
      – Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (360)
      – Saints Row: The Third (PC)

      Played and did not complete:
      – StarCraft (PC)
      – Just Cause 2 (360)
      – Crysis 2 (360)

      A pretty good haul. Both in terms of amount completed and the games that I enjoyed playing.

    • RDR is my game of the “twenty-tens” so far. I really enjoyed a few others, but RDR had me just gaping in astonishment on multiple occasions, like Journey but longer with a story and guns. Plus, the yowl of the mountain lions is really scary when you’re insufficiently armed… the first one I came across killed my horse in such a way I fell off a cliff which was both hilarious and bloody annoying at once. Nasty kitty.

  • Well, I started pretty poorly by buying Witcher 2 days before shameless gaming strarted. Then, feeling bitter, I attempted to go back and beat Skyrim, sunk a further 50 hours into it… then bought a copy of RAGE. No games finished, and two new games for the pile of shame.

    On a positive note, Syrim, despite remaining unfinished, is still amazing! 😉

  • I don’t know why, but I always get a little shot of happiness when I hear that someone else has discovered Dark Souls. I’m not a big RPG person in any sense, but that game was such an experience for me that I’m just so glad to hear when someone I know is able to be introduced to its world. Good work Mark, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  • On another note, due to my holiday through the states, my shameless gaming month involved basically no gaming. NO GAMING. FOR A MONTH. Well, a slight touch of a Xbox here and there at ComicCon but otherwise July was actually a dry month for me. But now, to make up for it, I can finally start Skyrim for the first time. It’s good to be back *kisses my xbox controller*.

  • After 200 hours (of saved gameplay) I finally beat the two main questlines in Skyrim, for that character. Aside from cleanup and creating a new character for the Thieves and Dark Brotherhood quesline anyways.

  • I finally finished Skyward Sword after a break from it and now a total of 80 hours spent playing, (not just in July).
    And what do i do? Start Hero mode of course. For it’s criticisms i think the game really does grow on you if you give the story a bit of time to develope.
    That is all… i’m off to the Lumpy Pumpkin.

  • Finished: Spec Ops: The Line, The Walking Dead eps 1 & 2.

    About 3/4 through FFXIII-2.

    My first Steam sale since owning a gaming PC didn’t help the state of the pile.

  • No games finished, but a couple thoroughly enjoyed. Resolved to picking Dark Souls back up yesterday, so I started about 10am, and instead of proceeding to Sen’s Fortress, where I’d left off in January, I went of to challenge Sif (not the brightest move, but a good way to get back in the swing of things :P). He kicked my arse for (quite literally) most of yesterday, but I got him in the end. Got to the top of Sen’s Fortress around 10:30 last night, and had a couple of tries against the golem, but sleep beckoned. Really enjoying getting into it again, especially after so long.

  • finished spec ops… doubt it… bought too many games… currently half way through checkout process for another one…. lol

  • I’d been distracted with some other stuff (like trying to make one!), that I’d not put effort into playing some larger stuff.

    But I did get around to a few – played through Spec Ops: The Line (after knowing enough folk raving about it – kinda put it up a few levels on priority), and I finally sat down with Arkham City.

    Felt great to actually sit down with some gems over an entire weekend – instead of partial evening sessions, or smaller runs on the occasional weekend.

    With them out of the way… I’m trying to continue the trend – focusing on AC: Brotherhood for now (so I’m somewhat closer to being up to date when AC3 ships).

  • Beat one, Dark souls, now replaying and yeah it’s definitely made me fall in love with gaming and make me stop feeling like finnishing games is important because in the end whats important is that you had fun.

  • Shank……that’s really it. 🙁
    I wouldnt count Theatrhythem FF, that game never ends (if beating all the music scores from FF1 to XIII counts).

    I think July turned out to be a ‘hiatus’ gaming month than clearing my backlog at all.

  • Beat 2 (GTA IV, Halo 3) Gained 3 (Tony Hawk PS HD, Vanquish, Gears 3) Very close to finishing three other campaigns (Ass Creed II, Crysis 2, BFBC2)

  • Beat Dragon Age Origins, Awakenings and DLC.
    Got most of the way through Dragon Age II.
    Started on Loremaster on World of Warcraft and just have one continent left to do.
    All that and with a holiday inbetween. 🙂

    I’m pleased anyway.

  • Knocked off AC2:Brotherhood.
    My shame list is obscene:
    Darksiders, The new EDF, War hammer Space Marine, dead space 2, prince of persia (the cel shaded one and the one that came after), lollypop chainsaw, devil may cry 4, metal gear solid 4, infamous 2, uncharted 2 and 3, AC2: Revlelations, the last story, Zelda Skyward sword, FFXIII-2.. plus a bunch more… oh and dark souls =P

    Guild wars 2 is going to ruin me.. -_- ‘

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