Shaun Of The Dead, The Side-Scrolling Brawler

You've got red on you.< Sure, there may be one too many zombie games out right now, but I think we could all agree to make some space for a side-scrolling brawler based on Shaun of the Dead.

This piece by Aled Lewis will be featured in the Gallery1988 "Crazy 4 Cult" show opening in New York City this thursday. It's too bad that the game doesn't actually exist, since this screenshot is really exacerbating my desire to play it.

Player 2 has entered the game [Aled Lewis via Tiny Cartridge ]


    Damnit! Someone who is a wizz at MUGEN! MAKE THIS NAO!!!

    Better yet who wants to make a kick starter project? This needs to exist!

    This is relevant to me interests... would be an awesome game.

    Hell, take Dead Rising and throw in a game with combos (God Of War) and reskin it, would totally work!

    The world NEEDS this game! I'm throwing money at the screen, but it does nothing!

    ok I'm going to have to go and find double dragon to play on my phone now....

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