Silent Hill HD's Bugs Get Patched For PS3 -- But Not For Xbox 360

Plans for an Xbox 360 title update to Silent Hill HD Collection "have been cancelled due to technical issues and resources," Konami said today in an official statement. A PS3 title update, however, has gone forward, and it will fix problems involving frame rate and audio-syncing and other reported issues.

"Konami apologises to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 SKU," the company said in an official statement. Sounds like that means you can forget about any future patch for that console.

Not sure what the behind-the-scenes story is here, why this game can get a fix on one console but not another. Konami last week announced it had finally patched in trophy support for the four-year-old Metal Gear Solid 4, so complicated post-release fixes, years after the fact, are feasible on one platform. But it sounds rather definite that Silent Hill HD on the 360 isn't getting any fix or update, a situation that echoes Polytron's decision not to update a flawed Fez on that platform either.



      What did we learn?

    So has it actually added fog now?

    I thought they already patched the 360 version about a month ago?

    All I want is for James to be able to run!! Is that possible.

    Also, frame rate fix for Downpour please.

    I think Konami got fucked over one too many time by MS, this is there way to strike back at them. mmm-mmm sweet-sweet petty revenge

      The only people this dicks over are the fans that bought the game.

    Microsoft is very strict with patches

    If I understand correctly, this PS3 patch was released about a month back. That patch didn't actually fix anything, the game spazzed out on me in numerous ways.

    I wished I never even touched it.

    You're dead to me Konami.

    That sucks. Glad I didn't buy it like my brain wanted me to... I do still have the original games and all... but imagining them in HD was damn seductive.

    Yeah I was thinking picking it up for the xboxen, glad i missed it was released.

    After the negative press I went and bought a copy of Silent Hill 3 on PS2 and played it all the way through on my PS2.
    I already own SH2 in the fancy collectors form when it was released a decade ago.
    After reading this I am glad I didn't go buy this out of nostalgia when I could just play the actual freaking games the right way.

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