Skyrim's Dawnguard: 'We're Vampire ****ers'

Unnecessary Censorship never fails to make me laugh. "You've not only earned your payment, but my **** as well. And, believe me, friend, that does not come easily."

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    Hit and miss

    When people here complain about the quality of articles and content posted on Kotaku I usually just laugh. But I have to admit, we are getting a lot of shit lately. Seems like Kotaku AU is slowly turning into a mirror image of the US site. And thats a shame because Kotaku AU was once associated with quality. An occassional trash piece is fine, but not everyday. If I want crappy fluff articles ill go to IGN.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        I dont appreciate being called names kid. Especially from someone hiding behind anonymity. I was offering my opinion, nothing more. I assume that is the purpose of the discussion section.

    maybe Kotaku should offer a premium service where you pay a monthly fee, which has better articles and less of these ones. That way, your whinging and bitching will be justified seeing you'll no longer be getting their service for free.

      Critisism does not equal whinging and bitching unless done in an inflammatory manner. If my language was harsh I apologise, but if readers cant offer a view which isnt positive then what is the point of having any discussion at all? This isnt a fan club, its a discussion board.

    Start your own game-centric news site if you possess the capacity to out do what you perceive as insufficient.

      Just like you go out and make your own games after you play one you dont like, right? I suppose I should be thankful you didnt resort to name calling, unlike the other 2.

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