Sleeping Dogs Actually Does Care About Its PC Version

Sleeping Dogs Actually Does Care About Its PC Version

Given the fact many publishers enjoy punishing PC players with sub-par ports, it’s nice to see Square Enix going the extra mile with the upcoming Sleeping Dogs.

On day one, it’ll have a high-resolution texture pack available for download, a busier game world than the console versions and DirectX11 support. It’ll even play nice with multi-monitor rigs.

Bizarrely, pre-order customers will get an “exclusive patch”, which gives you “Valve-inspired” clothing to wear in the game.


    • unfortunately it’s a bandwidth thing… By making them an optional download (And they’ll typically be massive) you don’t have to download it if you don’t want them (with SSD storage this is also helpful) or if your system cannot support them you don’t need to download them.

  • Considering the pre-order also gives you Sleeping Dogs-inspired items for TF2, the Valve-inspired clothing isn’t really bizarre at all.

  • I wonder why Its being released in North America via digital download only.

    They don’t expect a PC version to sell as well as console versions as apposed to in Europe where PC gaming is more popular? Couldn’t get retailers on board? A push to finally go digital only?

    • Well when you think about how good the internet is for the majority of people in the USA, retail box sales of games are probably so low that it wasn’t worth the effort lol.

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