Sleeping Dogs Recognises A Good Photographer When It Sees One

I mean, just look at that. The angle, the lighting, the composition. Beautiful. Someone hire this man as a full-time photographer. Bonus is he can beat the shit out of anyone you ask him to.

Yes I am [Reddit]


    Wait, I can just link to reddit articles and post a sentence, and you'll pay me? Where do I sign up?

    Here's my application:

    Wow. Look at this guy. I mean, nobody really watches who wants to be a millionaire anymore, but really? You don't know a mushroom makes Mario bigger?

      Ignorance is bliss.

    The first time I had to take several photos of her, I just took photos of her butt hoping she'd get annoyed or something, she didn't :(

      I took close ups off her jugs, no reaction, i was disappoint.

    Oh no! I paid $0 to go to a gaming website and it had an article with a headline that obviously made a joke about a game and I clicked on it and I didn't get it!

    I agree with this, having done this mission only yesterday. You could take a photo of her shoe and she would think you are the best photographer EVAR! Really could have been done better.

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