Sometimes Fan-Made Trailers Are Even Better Than The Official Ones

Well, at the very least, this fan-made The Secret World trailer is impressive in and of itself. But this isn't the first time we've seen a fan take content from a game and create a fantastically appropriate trailer, sometimes to greater success than the game's own developers.

I'm on the fence about whether or not this one is in fact better than the official launch trailer, though. It steals some nice close-up scenes from the official trailer, but I might prefer the fan-made trailer's music. It certainly touches on a different emotion.

The Secret World - Hidden World [YouTube via Reddit]


    Everyone should play this game...there's a 3 day trial so you have no excuses! Plus you won't regret it.

    It's weird that the devs were willing to take the risk of a new setting in a modern world, but not willing to move away from traditional canned mmo combat. Playing the trial I was immediately turned off by the fact that the combat felt almost exactly the same as WoW.

    This is one game that would have benefited hugely from ragdoll and twitch-based combat.

      I see many people claim the combat in TSW is just like WoW but I honestly wonder if those people even played the game because it couldn't feel more different to me. There is no concept of conditions in WoW and no real need for skill synergy, there is no concept of builders and finishers unless you're playing a Rogue, no active dodging and in fact no movement at all while casting spells. Other than sharing a similar targeting system TSW is very different.

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