Sony Boss: Getting Third Parties To Support The PS Vita Has Been 'Difficult'

The PS Vita has had a difficult time since its release — that's what happens when you fight a battle on two fronts, against Nintendo and Apple. But now Sony boss Yoshida Shuhei has admitted that Sony, as a company, has been having difficulties recruiting third party developers to support the platform.

"We’re having a more difficult time than we had anticipated in terms of getting support from third-party publishers," Yoshida told PlayStation: The Official Magazine, "but that’s our job.

"We will continue to talk to development communities and publishing partners and tell them why Vita can provide a great experience for the IPs they have and I hope the Assassin’s Creed game will prove that."

Interestingly enough, I managed to check out Assassin's Creed III: Liberation late last week, and it was mentioned that Sony were super excited about having a game of that caliber created exclusively for the platform. It's the kind of game Sony need more of.

That said, it must be a tough sell. The success of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation seems like a pretty big deal right now for Sony.

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    they need tae get rockstar on board lyks nd dat assasins creed looks helfy

    Sony probably have the largest range of top-tier developers of any publisher in the industry. So how about using some of them to create some of those killer apps that the Vita is so sorely lacking, instead of relying on 3rd parties? Probably too late to get them started now, anyway - by they time they got anything to market the Vita will be dead and buried. I suspect they're probably more interested in getting those devs to work making PS4 games anyway.

    I can't speak for everyone else but when I hear Vita games like Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, all I see are 'hand-me-down' games. As in, games that you can't take seriously.

    Take Resistance: Burning Skies for example, did anyone really care?

    Then there's Black Ops II: Declassified. How would that work? Do they really expect me to buy Black Ops II twice? If so, why?

    Just like the PSP before, I think Vita has set itself up to be 'not-here and not-there.' There is simply not enough to draw to make me go out and buy one.

      Yeah, when I read the big-name titles, I think the same thing- it's not the main game, it's a side story or add-on or cash-in on their console siblings. I honestly don't know if the games are any good or not- I'm not interested in risking my money on what could be terrible. The only games I own on PSP are ones that are more suited to the handheld format, like rhythm games (all from Japan) or RPGs. I just can't stand the thought of playing a cut-down big name action shooter on a handheld.

        Yeah, they almost carry that same Facebook/phone game vibe that makes it seem like they're marketing for the main game more than a game of their own. I know it's faulty but a Mass Effect game on the Vita would rank in the same category as the iPhone Mass Effect games.

    If they really want success. Go and bloody translate all the awesome vita RPG titles that were exclusive in japan. They have crazy amount of good games already but Sony doesn't care to translate them.

    I'd buy one if the games library was interesting and I believe it can be , but this is a difficult time for Sony , 3rd parties don't want to be there because the market is too small and the costs to develop for Vita would rival current generation console budgets because of the hardware capabilities. Sony really needs to 'pay' a 3rd party to do something AAA rather than letting them bear the risk.

      I bought a Vita on impulse, and it has been ok as a distraction when I need it. Playing Metal Gear Solid 2 has been fun since it's my first time with the game, but apart from that none of the other games have done a real good job of pulling me in (I did buy the psp version of Monster Hunter though through the PSN which has been fun)... The games library is definitely lacking though, I'm pretty bored of going to the store and looking at the same 20 games or so. The system seems pretty solid, just needs a dev or 2 to jump behind it and put out some AAA content.

    What I dont get is, this platform is very capable. Where are the Twisted Metals, SSX's, Gran Turismos, Killzones... imagine Starhawk on Vita?! It would be awesome. They arent translating eF all at the moment. Makes me wondering what else is going on... there hasnt exactly been a barrage of good games on either platform this year, such as last year. But I dont know... I just play games.

    I don't really understand why peoe shit all over the vita for having no games when it already has UMVC, Wipeout, Rayman Origins, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3 (all dlc from ps3 included with new features such as higher tier spells and advancement spells - healers can attack!), I'm pretty sure it has Blazblue but could be wrong, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes, MGS2/3 HD, not to mention the huge library of psp titles
    I haven't really looked into what's coming out but I know of: LittleBigPlanet (this sold the system to me, if you've never tried the lbp/2 level editors, you're missing out), Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy 10,
    Ps1 compatability

    I mean, I don't know about anyone elses tastes but that's a pretty good lineup to me. Sure, you can get most of those games elsewhere, but good luck playing them on public transport or on the shitter.

    Compared to 3ds library, that list is fucking stellar. 3ds games that interest me:
    Theaterhythm(sp?) which I can't seem to find anywhere, and Res Evil... I got over KH after the second game on ps2 so...
    I got 3ds at launch with street fighter, which i propmtly sold, and ocarina of time, which didn't last long either. I don't think I've touched the thing since, except to try the ambassador games which were lame.
    I guess I just don't understand other people.

    Fun fact: once ps1 compatability and Final fantasy 10 releases on vita, you will be able to play final fantasy 1 to 10 (bar 3) on one device.
    1,2,4-psp, 5,6,7,8,9-ps1, 10-vita
    That's awesome.

      Correction. Final Fantasy 1 - 10 on one device.

        Thanks, didn't know about this! :D

        I agree mate the vita is stunning i love it immensely but I cant help but that think Sony's made a flurry of cock up's from the start that they cant recover from! If people are hacking/ rooting psp's to get PS one game's release them on launch then they would have had twice the amount of games and people would be playing for stuff they already produced years ago easy money.
        on release you should of had a firs person like Killzone or call of duty this would of made it almost an instant success from the start. Instead for some reason they brought out kids games on lets face it an adults hand held. why bother with dual analog sticks if there was no FPS plus I don't think many people like resistance its a poor story line.
        another one which i don't think they have thought about how much people are willing to pay for games £40 your taking the piss £30 is more than acceptable i would buy one every month no problems for that price they are being greedy. lure us in first not put us off. also some games which cost £12 on PS3 cost £30 on vita for £12 I would have given it a try £30 not a chance.
        memory card again I don't care about the different format but if Sony are trying to get people to digitally download then why making memory cards so expensive I don't get it updates have been slow no wonder why I pads and phone are winning .
        I go away a lot and think this will be awesome next time i go to Afgan but I am starting to think it wont be around by the time i get out there. I just wish that someone from Sony reads this and takes it in before it fails.

      Well Ridort, lots of us have full time jobs (or two), drive cars, and the majority time that we have to burn is at our house. The PSVita doesn't offer us much in terms of entertainment on the go as I have a phone for those unexpected 3-5 min waits here and there. I'm not saying that it isnt a great piece of hardware, it is. I would have loved to have it as a kid for road trips with my parents. The games you mentioned are better experiences on the PS3, Whipeout for a really good example, or feel tacked on just because. The fact is we don't have the oppertunity to take advantage of a high powered machine for very long at a time and if we made time for it, there is a real slim selection of games that we have to have on that platform. Sony announced that they were bringing PS1 support to the Vita, which almost made me buy one, but it is still a limited selection of PS1 titles at the moment. If it was able to make calls, it would replace my phone in a heartbeat! Most of us don't want to shit on Vita we want it to succeed and hope devs hear us so it can be as great as it was intended to be.

      Its because there is no list of must have games on the system. A lot of the stuff thats on the Vita is already on consoles or elsewhere - and to make it worse there is very very few announced games for the system. Its what happened with the 3DS and Nintendo had to pull their finger out and get the games sorted and on the way - but atleast it appears to have had a lot of 3rd party support in the line.

      Personally, I preffer the 3DS list of games right now, there is already a small stack I want to buy as soon as the XL is out. Not to mention, the list is more varied - I have a few adult games, I have a few pick up and play along with just some good old nintendo love in the way of Mario.

      Only games on vita I would personally buy right now is Disgea and possibly wipeout. I enjoy FF but not enough to buy a whole console just to play them all again when ive got them on every other console already..

    I agree the software line up currently is awfully underwhelming, both in number of games and TYPES of games.

    I love the hardware, but they need to take drastic action on the software side:

    1. More original exclusive games like GravityvRush, Soundshapes, Velocity and Everyday Shooter.
    2. Throw open the PSN downloadable games prices especially for small games like the minis and pixel junk series - you need a large selection of download games to offer cheapskate gamers like me who buy loads of games from Apple but who look at the prices on PSN and go "not this week".
    3. Forget putting all your effort into substandard ports of your home console games . Go original or go home.
    4. Drop the price of the hardware to the same as 3ds and substantially drop the price of your stoopid memory cards!!!! And allow us to buy third party memory cards!!!!

    I don't mind paying $40 for a high quality game at retail, but any more tan that and it's just too much. Especially when I can get even bigger home console games at the same price. The days of charging $100 bucks for new console games and 50+ for portable games is over -thank you apple, steam, online shopping etc. We also have so many more entertainment options these days. Get competitive or go home.

    The list of games *is* nice, but there's nothing that would not play better on a TV there. Little Big Planet was released for the PSP, so the sequel is not going to sell to a whole lot of people that didn't invest in the first one.

    Since smartphones took off, everyone has a little console in their pocket, and I don't know what game is going to convince non-core gamers to spend a few hundred for another device, even if the games play 1000 times better with a proper d-pad and buttons on a dedicated device.

    I love my old DS and PSP, but I've got 0 plans to ever upgrade.

      When you say there's nothing that wouldn't play better on a tv, that's not exactly true. Some of the games I've listed play identically, or have only subtle differences.
      Although there are definitely piss poor port jobs on vita, Mortal Kombat 9 springs to mind.

      We'll see, but I wouldn't be surprised if vita sales jump a significant amount when lbp vita releases. Lbp psp was also plagued by the technical limitations of the psp, the vita version has much more power behind it, along with all the new tools and gadgets from lbp2 and new ones that involve vita functionality like touch and tilt. It is a thoroughly better game than the psp version most people didn't even know existed, and buying the previous game isn't a barrier to entry in any way. If people are looking at vita and they see what you can do on lbp, I'd be surprised if they don't buy it.

    It is, unfortunately, pretty unsurprising that 3rd parties don't want to develop for Vita. Those costs would be astronomical for an AAA title, and given the relatively slow sales of hardware it's just a risk that many won't take. There's a bigger install base of 3DS's, and an even bigger one on mobile - so Vita's chances of being the first choice for mobile development is pretty small.
    Which sucks! Because Vita is a seriously great platform! I don't really agree with the naysayers about "hand-me-down" games - you can do a lot with an awesome property on a handheld if you tailor the gameplay to the device. The best example I've seen is Metroid Prime Hunters, which was a great little game because its level structure was perfect for short bursts.It wasn't Tallon IV, but it was remarkably like it. Some of what I've read about the Black Ops tie in makes me think they've taken a page or two from Hunter's rulebook, so I'm not writing it off yet.

    I'll be getting a Vita for my birthday. It looks like a great machine.

    The reason it hasn't been selling much is principally due to the lack of good software (I'm getting the Vita for Silent Hill Book Of Memories), and also the high price.

    A modest price cut (just a modest one, say, somewhere between 20 and 50 bucks) combined with a few more good games would greatly increase the platform's success.

    They already had 3rd parties on board for the first Playstation, which was crucial to it's success. Since then, Sony have mostly sat on their hands and waited for people to come to them, hence Sony's demise.

    And they're still selling underfeatured televisions at inflated prices, bye bye Sony.

    They have shown that it has the ability to play PS3 ports, so... port 'em over and give the people a choice of games that they'll have to take their shoes off to count.

    They just need to release a vita monster hunter for it

      Give up on that, Monster Hunter 4 has already been confirmed for ages as a 3DS exclusive and the 3DS already has its own port of Tri. The Vita needs more games - not just one - he is saying they arent having any luck getting 3rd parties on board to develop for it. Monster Hunter isnt going to change that unless it sells millions of console not just in japan - but in the US too.

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