Sony's New 100-Person Team Is Looking For The Next Big Whatever

Times are tough. While Sony has had success with the PS3, the tech giant sometimes seems like it's lost its touch. That might be why Sony is creating a special team of 100 crackerjack employees. The aim is to find the next big thing.

This week, Sony revealed that it established a new R&D unit that is dedicated to looking for new business and hit products that could be monster successes. The unit if obviously still in its infancy, and the team is coming up with ideas for new businesses.

By the end of the year, the group will narrow down the themes to a handful. It won't be a few years until the group's work would be realised in product form, but hopefully interesting products and services will emerge.

Yes, I realise this group is a tech think tank, but I thought the goal of all of Sony's R&D teams had always been to find the next big thing...

Sony to Boost Research Spending on Cloud Computing, Displays [産経]


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