Sounds Like Porting Dark Souls To PC Was About As Difficult As Playing The Game

Porting console-only titles to PC is becoming almost an afterthought, something a publisher might only do if a game was successful enough to justify the extra effort and investment to share it beyond the confines of living room hardware. It's no great surprise then that some studios just don't have the experience to draw on to get their titles onto the PC, a problem Dark Souls developer From Software encountered bringing its sadistically hard RPG to the platform.

The game's producer, Daisuke Uchi, speaking with Digital Spy, says From Software "hadn't perceived how much trouble" it would hit bringing the game across from the PS3.

"In terms of technical difficulties obviously us being a Japanese publisher and a Japanese developer, the PC market in Japan is so small that we hadn't had very much experience ... We did have so many things we had to decide, so many things we had to talk about and discuss."

Uchi goes on to mention that despite the issues they encountered, it was still a worthwhile endeavour, if only to get a great understanding of what's involved:

"It was a great experience but it was a rough ride to be honest in terms of being able to simply port the console version to the PC ... I believe that this experience and this occasion will be very helpful in anything else that we create on the PC."


"But at the same time, knowing that the PC market is important and with this experience, regardless of what kind of project we work with we probably will have a PC version in mind if we do decide to do it."

The full interview over at Digital Spy contains a few more tidbits, including a short discussion on the game's performance on PC compared to the PS3.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die interview: Namco on its challenging PC port [Digital Spy]


    Isn't it more likely that they ported the Xbox version?


      Yeah, they really should have. It would've been so much easier considering how similar the architecture is compared the mess that is the ps3's architecture.

        But they did port the xbox version.

    Why couldn't they just hire ONE programmer with porting experience? At least modders will improve textures and fluidity I hope!

      so you prefer that they do a shoddy port, over a proper port?

    The PS3 was their lead SKU during development.

    I've read in another article that the game is rendered at 1024x720 resolution, regardless of the screen resolution that you pick (it just upscales to the resolution you pick) and that the framerate is locked at 30fps just like the console version. That really saddens me... I'm still super happy that PC gamers will get a chance to experience this godly game, and I'm still considering buying it again just to show my support and to be able to play the game without the huge slowdowns in some sections (30fps constant is still better than slowdowns), but I'm worried that a lot of PC gamers will refuse to touch it now. :(

      I sure hope that isn't true.
      Kinda defeats the whole point of a PC version.

        The whole point of a PC version is so PC gamers who don't own consoles can play a great game they'd otherwise miss out on.

    Oh yeah I was waiting on this one... Will see how it goes when it's out, how many bugs etc before i


    It's disappointing that the port isn't as great as it could be, but i hope people don't just ignore it because of it, since it would be heartbreaking to see a community rally for it, yet at the end of the day still turn their backs on the developer/publisher who listened to them.
    Not only did the community rally a petition for the game to come on pc, they also gave feedback (mostly negative) on the use of GFWL and for it to come onto steam. You'd have to give them some points for at least trying and listening, in this day in age where features are being removed or changed, DRM becoming more draconian, and publishers often ignoring the very people who drove the franchise/game to success in the first place

    And then you chose GFWL as your DRM scheme...

      Not entirely, it's for the multiplayer aspect; From Software doesn't want to be running their own bloodstain server on top of the port, so they just get Microsoft to do it just like the 360 version.

    They might fix some of those issues later with patches... releasing patches on the pc is a lot easier than on consoles anyway. And if they enable modding (even if they don´t anyway), modders can always improve the game (at least change the framerate lock to 60fps). I guess they won´t fix it now because of the deadlines.
    The only UGLY thing in all this is using the Windows network for the "multi-player"! Why couldn´t they use their own servers? Or even their PS3/Xbox servers, that way all the players would be connected (at least the xbox-pc players).

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